Slot machine for SALE – “Summer Holidays”

Slot machine for SALE – “Summer Holidays”



Summer Themed online slot game

Summer without a good summer mood is nothing. Just another season. So we recommend to improve this very mood. Do you miss the hot sun, clean beach sand and incredible adventures, but is your vacation so far away? Do you think that relaxing and basking in the sun is only possible on the beach? You’re wrong! Slot machine “Summer Holidays” has a rather interesting design. The gameplay takes place on five spinning reels with three lines. The gameplay takes place on five spinning reels with three lines. Among the images on the reels you can see: coconut cocktail, shell, crab, deck chair, palm tree and, of course, the sun. This slot has not done without the use of card symbols. It is necessary to configure the gaming machine through the control panel. It, as always, has a laconic structure and is designed for comfortable control of the bet and launch of the reels. One of the most important control tools is the Bet button, with the help of which you can place a bet. There is also a ‘Max bet’ button that places a maximum of credits. After all the settings, you can go on a summer vacation and start the reels, the ‘Spin’ button will help to cope with this action. If you suddenly get tired of constantly pressing the button and manually starting the reels, you can activate the automatic game mode using ‘Auto’. Button “Stop Auto” will return you to a standard game mode. The win data fields will not let you get lost in the abyss of information. Also, if you are interested in our new product, you can purchase it at our store –



The main background is the seashore in the rays of the rising sun. The sand here is an amazing light shade, the water is turquoise, and the wind is fresh and pleasant. Each player will have an impression that it’s as if the person is not sitting at the computer screen, but moved to the beach and watches everything personally. You will be filled with salty sea silence and smells of the sea, you will become a part of this life and feel happy.



All the symbols of the slot machine call that you need to go on vacation: to lie on a deck chair, freshen up with a coconut cocktail, listen to the noise in the shell, wink at a crab running nearby, and all this is accompanied by a bright, warm, summer sun. Multi-colored signs of card symbols emphasize the theme of a positive slot. The “Wild” palm will help you replace other pictures on the reels, so that combinations in the slot are collected easier and faster. The presence of a surfer Scatter on the playing field will bring gifts on its waves.



If you’ll see three or more shark fins, don’t worry, you’re entering a bonus game. The player is given nine cards, behind which certain payout ratios are hidden. A refreshing cocktail, that is placed in the right corner, will let you refresh, and a starfish will definitely bring a win. Try your luck, find the maximum numbers. And how nice to enjoy with vacation, and also receive a reward for this.

Alas, the summer is fleeting! But we will always meet you with the gentle breeze, warm sea, cheerful and fabulous vacation!