Slot machine for SALE – “Rich Duck”

Slot machine for SALE – “Rich Duck”



3d slot machine “Rich Duck”

Many have warm pleasant emotions associated with the bathtub; it relaxes and soothes, cleanses and thoroughly moisturizes, and maybe even invigorates. It can give a feeling of freshness and a final awakening. But sometimes many adults can remember how they swam in their own bathtubs, and how children’s toys for the bathroom floated on the waves.  You are given the opportunity to immerse yourself in carefreeness and play in the bathroom with your favorite rubber toys. Have fun! If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The central position on the screen is taken by the playing field of the 5-reel structure. All symbols are arranged in three rows, so the process promises to be as atmospheric as possible according to the plot. Bright colors and artistic stylization make the overall picture of the game holistic and entertaining. A truly playful atmosphere reigns in the slot machine: the user is invited to plunge into childhood, namely, a game with water toys. The symbols of the machine seem to come from the classics – traditional cherries, grapes, oranges, watermelon, plums, pears flash on the drums. There are also the usual seven. And the rubber ducks act here as acting game symbols that bring a bonus. Another of the special symbol is Wild – a universal star-shaped sign responsible for complementing a variety of combinations. Another such symbol is the game cube – Scatter. Technical characteristics of the game allow users to count on a productive and dynamic entertainment process with any settings. You can configure the gaming machine through the control panel. It, as always, has a laconic structure and is designed for comfortable control over the bet and launch of the reels. And if the control panel looks corny, allowing the player to easily navigate in the necessary parameters and choose a bet, then the game process itself will surprise even experienced gamblers.




The game takes place within the bathroom – a place where every new day begins and ends. A place where you can relax and enjoy the foam bath, which improves mood and allows you to recharge your batteries for all day. The main color is a soothing blue, which is suitable for the design of the slot, has a relaxing atmosphere, and bright yellow ducks are present on all elements of the decor and are able to cheer up. Custom design allows you to reveal the storyline in all its glory, and the asymmetry of the details adds dynamics and playfulness to the gameplay.



In addition to the usual bath with sea salt or a moisturizing bath with soda, there are even more interesting ways to enjoy an evening bath. If you want to hide from the hustle and bustle of life, to be isolated from others, we suggest to switch off the light and to dive in the darkness into childhood with cheerful ducks. “Lucky Ducky” is not only a fun toy, but also a stylish accessory for the bathroom.



Fruits appeared among the first symbols on the reels of slot machines. Since then, fruit slots have become one of the most common and popular. In general, the game turned out to be very original and very simple, as everyone can see. The symbols in the game are offered quite diverse, players can meet with such classic images as: bell, cherries, orange, watermelon, plum, grapes, pear and the number “7”. Among all the images, three special symbols should be noted. Wild is presented in the form of a star, this icon can offer users the opportunity to replace simple symbols with wild ones. The Scatter symbol in the machine is offered to gamers as a pictogram of a dice, combinations with which will be allowed to be formed according to special rules that are different from the main ones. The main character of the machine – a yellow rubber duck – will bring a bonus to the player.



The style of rendering game symbols is similar to the animated one: everything is just as bright and a little funny. Well-designed symbols with their own animations and charisma attract users. Vivid images stimulate interest in the game, causing empathy among players. The overall color scheme, carefully thought-out objects enhance the pleasure of the game. The general mood of the game is immediately noticeable, which corresponds to the classic genre with the original addition of non-standard objects, and bright cartoonish accents do not allow the picture to become boring.



You can create an atmosphere of fun anywhere and anytime. You can play on long winter evenings and in summer. Each element of the game surprises with its brightness, clarity and quality of execution. The plot of the game will appeal to everyone, without exception, will engage from the first minutes of the game.lucky_ducky_sketches_back


Before creating the background, all the smallest elements with specific features were seriously worked out, because attentive players will always notice a miss in the drawing. Well-designed and detailed logic for building the background will allow a person to fully immerse in the game.



Each little detail is worked out so meticulously that the overall composition looks as realistic as possible. Each symbol is presented very high quality. Creativity of performance perfectly reveals the style.



As a bonus stage of the slot, a standard guessing draw is offered. A player can get into this round after a winning combination appears on the reels. We offer a bathtub filled with water, in which bright rubber ducks swim carefree, which in turn corresponds to a holistic plot picture. Fun and cheerful atmosphere of the game on the machine will clearly show how exciting classic video slots can be. A good choice of topics and its embodiment in the elements of gameplay will not be left without due attention. Well, the good conditions of the bonus game will provide as many memorable victories as possible.