Slot machine for SALE – “Smallies & Co”

Slot machine for SALE – “Smallies & Co”



We are pleased to present you the playing madness in one of our super slots – “Smallies & Co”. The set is represented by quite a lot of variety of the game characters, and each of them has its own individual structure, character and appearance. The brave policeman, carrying a law and order in each house, rocker, razing the roof of the neighbors with his performance of heavy metal, athlete, who paying more attention to the body culture and courage, a young chemist, who obsessed by calculations and derived formulas, as well as a beautiful lady, shooting by her eyes, and mafia boss, who proudly smoking an expensive cigar. All these and many other characters await you in our slot machine, so you don’t have any reasons not to play casino game “Smallies & Co”. We wish you good mood and the mountains of win bonuses. Cheers! If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –



Game reels. Graphic design of the game reels, symbols, labels and buttons of navigation in the game world of the slot machine. Collect the best combination of symbols to get the highest bonus and be even closer to the coveted jackpot.



Here you can see animations of Regular symbols for the slot machine.

Regular symbol – Policeman

Regular symbol – Fatman

Regular symbol – Athlete


Pencil sketches. Creating the hand-made sketches of characters for the slot machine.


Color sketches. Development of preliminary, color sketches of the game characters for the slot machine.


Additional color versions of character sketches for the slot machine.


Game characters
Here are the final 3D models of game characters for the slot machine.



Game symbols: 1st is in the form of minion-gangster of Prohibition times, second – in the form of minion-Rastaman, lover of travel and reggae.


Game symbols: minion-athlete, Olympic medalist and participant of the annual competition and minion-rocker, fun music lover and a denier of the established rules.


Development of a background image for the game slot machine.


Graphic design of energy generator, which will generate bundles of energy required to produce a winning combination.


Graphic design of buttons for the slot machine.


Here you can see animations of symbols for the slot machine.

Regular symbol – Hippie

Special symbol – Wild

Regular symbol – Mafia boss


On this screen we decided to show you how bundles of energy produced by power generators influence to the game characters.


Here you can see a table with numerical values for each symbol, as well as a certain number of points for the obtaining the same type of symbols.


Here you can see animations of Regular symbols for the slot machine.

Regular symbol – Chemist

Regular symbol – Rocker

Regular symbol – Blonde



  1. Ricardo dato says:

    Quanto custa o jogo?

    • Slotopaint says:

      Hello, Ricardo!
      This game is not available for sale. This is a private project of one of our customer.
      You can also order a new unique game development from scratch or buy completed game from our store
      We can discuss all details in Skype, skype id: slotopaint
      Thank you,

  2. Emma says:

    Hey, we are also interested in this game but saw the comments that it is not available for sale.

    Can you please email us all your price plans from scratch to completed game?

    Also, do we need to purchase the whole project or do you sell design packages?