Slot machine for SALE – “Pizza Party”

Slot machine for SALE – “Pizza Party”




Pizza Themed online slot game

Pizza has a thousand-year history. It is still unknown who came up with this recipe. Historians are still arguing about who could become the creator of pizza, but no one came to a consensus. Nowadays, pizza is considered to be an Italian dish. There are many recipes for pizza dough and toppings. I suggest you see all this with your own eyes in our slot and try everything to your taste. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The game reels are designed in the form of a pizza box. Pizza party lettering painted in the colors of the flag of Italy. Below we see the buttons, box with messages, balance, bet, win. Also, the slot can be set to auto-mode, the Spin button is in the form of a juicy red tomato.

The game background is designed in the form of real Italian kitchen. We see a chef with a pizza, in a white jacket and a white chef’s hat. On the cook’s table, the pizza dough is already mixed, the sauce is ready, ripe tomatoes. In the background of the kitchen are pans and cooking utensils. Ripe vegetables and green herbs are spread out on the left side.



The scatter symbol is a freshly kneaded dough on a red background. The wild symbol is a pizza with salami, tomatoes, mushrooms and olives, with a delicious crust on the sides. The bonus symbol is a ripe juicy red tomato.



Middle symbols are: a board for rolling out dough, a jar of cream, a jar of olive oil, a pizza oven, a rolling pin for rolling out dough.



Low characters are letters. The letter “A” is made from hammered pieces of wood, “K” – pieces of bacon, “Q” is in the form of a piece of cheese with holes.



In the next picture, we see a pizza on the dough board, but not a simple one, this is a wheel of fortune. We invite you to press the spin button and find out what is hidden behind the word “Mystery” or win a certain amount. Each amount is drawn in its own color.



The next image announces a big win. A picture of a school board, decorated with the flag of Italy. And a fabulous win of 4,567,890. This is luck! Daredevil try your luck!



In the next picture we see the same board, but with the inscription Total win. The amount won is 4,567



In the next picture we see a Mystery pop-up. I wonder what is behind this.



Paytable, on a brown background. The paytable is presented on three pages. On the first: wild symbol, substitutes for any symbol except the scatter and bonus symbols. Three or more bonus symbols anywhere will activate the bonus round. Three scatter symbols anywhere will activate the free spins round.



On the second: symbols in the form of a board for rolling out dough, a vessel with cream, an oven for baking give us the following values: 5 = 1500, 4 = 1000, 3 = 800, 3 = 50. Rolling pins for rolling out dough, feta cheese, a vessel with olive oil and a white chef’s hat give us the following values: 5 = 1500, 4 = 1000, 3 = 50.



On the third: low symbols give us such winnings, 5 = 1500, 4 = 1000, 3 = 800.



Pop-ups with congratulations are made in the form of a board for rolling out pizza. First pop-up is with congratulations: Free Spins Game.



Second pop-up image shows congratulations on slot winning five thousand dollars.



Third pop-up with congratulations: Bonus game entering.



The fourth pop-up contains congratulations on winning the five thousand dollars from the bonus game.