Slot machine for SALE – “Pixel Dungion”

Slot machine for SALE – “Pixel Dungion”



Pixel Graphics Themed online slot machine

Pixel gaming culture is now experiencing a second life. After complex graphics, pixel art games have returned to fashion, which resemble simple turn-based games for old consoles. The roguelike genre allows you to relive new adventures every time in search of the coveted artifacts. Pixel symbols have already become an integral part of the culture. They are used as prints for clothes, depicted on everyday goods. Of course, pixel art also inspires themed slots for online casinos. Pixel Dungion slot takes players into the world of dragons, knights and heroic adventures. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The slot fully simulates pixel graphics. The only exceptions are inscriptions and accounts. The reels background is decorated in shades of red. You can clearly see the squares of classic red, bright scarlet and dark burgundy colors. The lines for dividing the sectors are also not uniform. They consist of squares of different shades of gray. Jackpot is located above the reel on a wide red ribbon. This evokes an association with a castle and emphasizes the nature of the adventures of a medieval knight.
The lower field of the reels for service information is designed in blue shades. In the lower left corner there is a place for the player’s avatar and name. The progress bar shows the progress of the game. The “Spin” button is designed as a tall watchtower. It seems that it is in this tower that the princess is waiting for her knight. The button for displaying information is designed as a red flag.



The game background reveals to us the world in which the action takes place. A red dragon flies in the night sky. Obviously, he just flew out of a tall castle that stands on a mountain. The dragon looks very dangerous. The knight will have to work hard to defeat him!
Despite the pixel art, you can see the details of the landscape. The full moon is reflected in the lake. A ridge of mountains goes to the horizon. Some mountain peaks are silvery in the moonlight. A real fairy-tale world.



Wild symbol is an image of a princess. A diminutive beauty in a pink dress languishes in captivity and awaits her savior. A crown shines on the princess’s head. Her blond hair is down.

Scatter symbol is a big key. Apparently, this is the same key with which you can open the door and free the princess from captivity. All roguelike games have an artifact that the hero hunts for. In the “Pixel Dungion” slot, such artifacts are the key and the princess.

High symbols – characters between whom there is a struggle, a dragon and a knight. Even the colors of the symbols highlight their opposition. The dragon is depicted in orange and red, while the knight uses cold shades of blue and gray. Another symbol in this row is a huge dragon egg.

Regular symbols – items that a knight meets on his way. There are foods here that add strength – cheese and meat. The hero can find additional weapons – a bow and a sword. And, of course, symbols for enhancing protection – a shield and a healing potion.



If “5 of kind” or “Big win” wins, the reels are darkened and a corresponding inscription appears on it. The game background remains bright. The inscription is made in a font with imitation pixels.



If the Jackpot is won, the game background and the reel are darkened. Text appears with Jackpot and score. The inscription is made of red squares-pixels.



The next screen opens to the players a bright scoreboard with the Scatter score. On the burgundy field, in addition to the text, there is a treasure chest. The “Collect” button is designed like a gold bar.

A rich purple background is used in the design of the slot information screen.



In the design of Paytables, as well as on the game reels, red color was used. The field with buttons for switching between pages is designed like a fortress wall.



The following screens are for information about bonus spins or bonus games. The bonus inscription appears on the red plate with a golden frame. The OK button is designed like a watchtower.