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Justice Machine slot, Online slot game Justice Machine

The Justice Machine


Justice machine_slide_01


First-rate vector style and superpowers of unique characters of this game slot will remind you about the rare editions of comics. The justice machine is running and one day evil will be defeated! Head your loyal assistants and lead them to victory over the enemy.

In the video you can see the principle of playing the slot machine “The Justice Machine”.


Each character of the gameslot is endowed with his own superpowers and is a first-class fighter, who has inspiring arsenal of murderous methods, which can bring down even the most sophisticated enemy. But the villains in game slot are not weaklings and they’re able to oppose all of their hidden features, to tip the scales in their favor. The only trump which have the forces of good – is that you are the brave their leader and with your help, the forces of evil will have no chance!

As you move through the game process of the slot machine, you will become available hidden locations in which unfold epic clashes of your heroes with the enemy forces, where you have to demonstrate all chief the skills and try to become victorious. As a reward for the victories you will receive extra points, with the help of which you will be provided with options of bonus games. The better you will cope with the obtained task, the more points you can earn as a reward. We have also prepared a special table of rules and payments for you, so that you will be aware – a number and variety of which game symbols will bring you the greatest reward. Playing slots with our projects, you’ll get amazing sense of involvement and unforgettable impressions.

Justice machine_symbols


Boot screen
In order for you not be bored while you wait for the loading of the game, we have developed a special graphic to the boot screen. Get ready to run!

Justice machine_slide_02


Game reels
Graphic design of the game reels, symbols, labels and buttons of navigation in the game world of the slot machine.
Collect the best combination of symbols to get the highest bonus and be even closer to the coveted jackpot.

Justice machine_slide_03


Here you can see animations of Special symbols for the slot machine.



Justice machine_anim_Blazer

Special symbol – Blazer

Justice machine_anim_chain

Special symbol – Chain

Justice machine_anim_demon-fights

Special symbol – Fighter

Sketches and final versions
Development of preliminary sketches of gaming symbols for the slot machine and design of the final versions of game symbols, which are presented in the form of a confrontation between superheroes League against supervillains.

Talisman – mutant with the power of karma: good things happen to him (and by extension to his teammates), bad things happen to his foes, so long as his cause is righteous.



Demon – highly trained martial artist. Demon has an on-again, off-again addiction to the Georwellian drug Edge, which enhances a user’s strength, speed, stamina, and ability to ignore pain but leaves the user virtually helpless when it wears off.



Blazer – Experiments performed on her in the womb gave her greater powers than her mother, but she must wear a protective suit to prevent her thermal powers overloading and causing a fiery cataclysm.



Titan – Mutant male, able to increase his height and mass to a maximum of 30 feet.



Diviner – At one time totally dependent on a body-suit for any of her senses, but consequently able to use those senses at paranormal levels. Able to interface with electronic and digital technology.



Chain – an African-American woman who gained psionic abilities which she channels through her light chainsaw.



Challenger – the leader, physically adept and a skilled strategist, effectively the Georwellian military version of Batman/Captain America. He makes extensive use of gadgets, most of which he invented himself, to augment his declining physical powers.



Dark Force – Dedicated to destruction of the Georwellian government, willing to work with the Machine to suit its needs. Darkforce is obviously an entity of energy.



Demon Warrior – the variation of representative elite enemy, which has psionic abilities and able to bend the enemy to his will.



Drone – UAV of enemy, equipped with a mini-machine guns for the suppression and rocket launchers.



Jet – an assault enemy’s machine, equipped with a jet engine and capable of transporting on board the impressive landing forces units.



Megabot – massive smasher of slender enemy’s ranks. The brain of the elite commander is now continues its functionality in the body of a combat robot and sends signals for total destruction.



Sector trooper – the representative of the landing forces. He has excellent response and a good level of health. Able riddle unwary enemy in a split second with the help of two blaster pistols.



Zarren — Former Chief Prosecutor of Georwell and the Justice Machine’s most implacable foe. He later made his way to Earth and eventually set himself up as the dictator of the small island nation of the Arriba Atoll.



Here you can see animations of Special symbols for the slot machine.


Bonus symbol – Diviner


Special symbol – Sector trooper


Special symbol – Megabot


Special symbol – Jet


Game symbols
Here you can see game symbols for the paytables.

Justice machine_slide_05


Here you can see animations of Special symbols for the slot machine.

Justice machine_anim_chalenger

Scatter symbol – Challenger


Special symbol – Darkforce

Justice machine_anim_Demon

Special symbol – Demon


Special symbol – Demon warrior


Check out the rules of the game and the paytable. So, you will be aware – getting of which symbols and which quantity of them will bring you the greatest win.

Justice machine_slide_06


Win lines
Here you can see a table with a winning combination of symbols.

Justice machine_slide_07


Bonus levels
Also we decided to show you bonus levels, which you’ll see as soon as you get a bonus.
There are four bonus screen and at each awaits you a new battle with the enemy in the new location.

Justice machine_slide_08


Bonus round
This screen with a bonus round you will see in a case of obtaining three or more Scatter symbols.

Justice machine_slide_10


Game Sector №1, where you have to play against a random number of opponents.

Justice machine_slide_11


Game Sector №2, where you have to play against a random number of opponents.

Justice machine_slide_12


Game Sector №3, where you have to play against a random number of opponents.

Justice machine_slide_13


Game Sector №4, where you have to play against a random number of opponents.

Justice machine_slide_14


In addition to the characters for the game symbols, we have developed another type of characters for bonus levels.
Each character is endowed with its own unique animations, which once again will surprise you.

Justice machine_slide_15


Pop ups
After completing each bonus level, no matter you win it or lose, on your screen will be displayed pop-up information.

Justice machine_slide_16


Here you see the image of a superhero, whom animation of transformation takes place in case of obtaining three or more Wild
symbols on the reels.

Justice machine_slide_17


Here you can see animations of Special symbols for the slot machine.


Special symbol – Talisman


Special symbol – Zarren


Wild symbol – Titan


Special symbol – Drone