Slot machine for SALE – “Olympus”

Slot machine for SALE – “Olympus”




Olympus Themed online slot game

We all love the myths of ancient Greece. Definitely, most of us at one time were fond of mythology and know for certain who the thunderer Zeus is, who the goddess Aphrodite is, and who is Posseidon. Of course, mythology has left its mark on the history of Greece and the whole world. And it will be especially pleasant to immerse yourself in the world of ancient Greece with this Olympus slot.

If you want to take a leap into the past while enjoying the beauty of Olympus, you can get used to the main character of the game. Thanks to the magnificent graphics, beautiful rendering and excellent functionality, each player will receive untold pleasure, especially multiplying his money account together with the gods of ancient Greece of the Olympus slot. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The first illustration shows dense orange-pink clouds enveloping Olympus. A bright yellow sun shines through the dense haze of clouds, illuminating the sky and the mountain with direct rays.



This screen shows the symbols of the category High, which are located in square gold frames. SCATTER – a palace on Mount Olympus surrounded by clouds. WILD – white Pegasus hovering in the clouds, flapping its wings.



Below are three symbols of the category High, which are made in square gilded frames with ornaments in the Greek style. The first picture shows the god Zeus against the background of lightning, next – Poseidon against the background of sea waves, and against a bright fiery background – Hephaestus with a fiery flame from his head.



Here are the symbols of the category Middle. They are in round gilded frames and each has its own symbolic element. The first is sparkling lightning against the background of a metal figured frame. The second is Poseidon’s trident. The third is the helmet of Hephaestus.



Here, on three stone blocks with carved ornaments, letters are represented – symbols of the category Low. These are A, K, Q. The elements have a slightly convex shape and are presented in red, green and blue colors, respectively.



On the main background of the slot, at the top there is an inscription JACKPOT with the amount of winnings below it. In the middle of the screen there is an inscription of the Bonus Game (5 of a Kind). It implies that the player needs to choose one correct option out of five offered, which will bring the winning amount of money.



Pop-up Big Win. There is Big Win on the screen in big red letters, and below – the winning amount.

On the background of the slot reel, in the middle there is an inscription in yellow-red letters with a laurel leaf Mega Win, and under the days in blue numbers the amount of the winnings.



Pop-up Huge Win & Super win:  In the middle of the screen there is an inscription Huge Win, around which there are bright red and yellow flames. Below is the winning amount. On the another screen, there is the SUPER WIN inscription in neon blue letters, and below is the amount of winnings from the game.



In the center of the screen, on a large pink and white cloud, is the warlike goddess Athena with a spear and a shield, seated on a throne. In the foreground there is an inscription Jackpot in large stone letters, and below it is the winning amount.



Paytable. In the middle of the screen there is a paytable with all the symbols of this game. Here are the symbols of the category  High – Wild and SCATTER, which can replace any symbol or receive for bonuses. Below are the symbols of all categories with a quantitative meaning and the amount of payments for each.

An additional window with SCATTER symbol, which says that you will receive three such symbols for the free spins game. Wild symbols replace other symbols during free spins.



A congratulatory window in the center of the screen on a white background in a rectangular gold frame. It says below that you enter the free spins game. At the very bottom is the red round button ok.

Another greeting screen on a white background in a rectangular gold frame. It says that you have won a certain amount of money from a free spins game.



Congratulations screen, which notifies the player that he is entering the bonus game. At the bottom there is a button ok.

Congratulations screen, which announces that the player has won the amount of money from the bonus game.