Slot machine for SALE – “King of Dragon”

Slot machine for SALE – “King of Dragon”



Chinese Themed online slot machine

The Chinese dragon is a mythical creature that combines the features of different animals. The Dragon King has an elongated body covered with scales like a carp. The long tail is similar to the tail of a snake. He has a dog’s face, a lion’s mane, deer antlers and eagle’s claws. All of these animals are considered sacred by different tribes. If you believe the legend, the dragon combines their powers and abilities. This is why he is so powerful. It is generally believed that the Chinese dragon unites heaven and earth, therefore it is highly respected. Let the amazing abilities of the dragon help every player in the “King of dragon” slot. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The design of the game reels are dominated by yellow and gold colors. Traditionally, the dragon is depicted in gold, this is the color of well-being. As in Chinese culture, gold is complemented by red and green. Red is the color of Chi energy. It is believed that the dragon has a huge flow of this creative energy. The font in the design of the inscriptions is stylized like Chinese characters.



Separately, it is worth highlighting the symbol with the image of a gold bar in the shape of a Yuan Bao boat. Another name is the Ship of Wealth. This is another famous talisman for attracting wealth in feng shui. In ancient China, similar ingots were used as money. This symbol has a separate role in the slot. The boat with the word Any will become a real trump card in the game. Different symbols represent one, two or three ingots.



According to legend, the Dragon King can easily transform, acquire any size and change color. Symbols with dragons in black, silver and gold are reminiscent of this amazing feature.



In addition to the dragon, the slot also features other popular symbols of wealth. Koi carp with a gold coin in its mouth is a universal talisman. It brings good luck, attracts wealth and helps growth in all walks of life.
Heavenly Lion Buddha or Dog Fu protects from any negativity. For a long time, the Fu Dogs were considered the patrons of emperors. An interesting story about a ball that is always depicted under the paw of an animal. People believed that there was “happy milk” in the Fu Dogs’ paws. Ordinary residents could not have such a symbol at home. Therefore, people left balls in the forest so that the Fu Dogs could play with them and leave their happy milk on the ball.
And the third symbol – a turtle – means wisdom and perseverance. It is a protective talisman that also brings good luck. The turtle is often depicted next to the dragon.



The game background is a dragon’s tail in thick clouds. Golden scales sparkle in the sun. The soft light even tinted the sky in yellow-orange tones. The dragon itself is not visible, but the size of its tail is impressive. Golden stars sparkle around the dragon.



In case of victory, the players see a congratulatory screen with the corresponding inscription – “5 of kind”, “Big win”, “Mega win”, “Huge win” or “Super win”. These screens are like each other. They are distinguished only by the color of the inscription. The font on each screen is stylized like hieroglyphs. For these screens, the reels are darkened and a corresponding inscription appears on it. The game background remains bright.





If the Jackpot is won, the game background and the reels are darkened. A text appears with the words Mega Jackpot and a counter. In addition, an image with a dragon’s head appears above the text. The blue glow around the dragon looks harmoniously next to it in the inscription “Mega”.



Paytables are decorated on a red background. Sector lines and text used gold color. This is another way to add a classic color combination to the slot, which symbolizes wealth.



The same color scheme is used in the design of screens that are intended for information about bonus spins or bonus games.