Slot machine for SALE – “Mystic Forest”

Slot machine for SALE – “Mystic Forest”




Mystic Themed online slot machine

Let’s move to the fantasy world. It has its own rules and a reality unfamiliar to us. On green lawns you can find unicorns that amaze with their beauty. Elves, whose arrows always hit right on target, maintain order in the forest. And in solitude, in the very depths of the forest, a wizard lives. No one knows exactly how many years or centuries he has already met. But everyone who met him was convinced of the extraordinary wisdom of this old man. Welcome to Mystic Forest slot! If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

On the first screen, players see a forest wizard. His green robe is adorned with leaves. More precisely, the collar of this mantle is woven from leaves. Thus, the union of the wizard with the forest is clearly illustrated. If you look closely at the clearing behind the elder’s back, you will notice that the plants emit an extraordinary mysterious light.

The animated version of the screen adds mysticism. Bright flashes of golden light appear in front of the wizard. The sparks make up the name of the slot “Mystic forest”


The game reels look very mysterious. The black background looks elegant in combination with gold frames and bluish magic dust stars. Separate fragments of the frames are decorated in the form of interweaving of twigs and leaves. Instead of the traditional combination of five reels with three lines, here we see a combination of “four by four”.



The game background is an image of a meadow with mysterious mushrooms. They have thin elongated legs and small caps. These mushrooms seem to be illuminated from the inside.  Pale blue sparkles like tiny stars hover above them . A thicket of forest is seen beyond the clearing. You can also see amazing blue light in the tops of the trees.



The slot symbols add up to a whimsical story. It is absolutely clear that the forest magician has a special position here. It is depicted on the Wild symbol and occupies all four lines on the reel. In addition, new characters appear – a forest elf and a unicorn. A beautiful elf girl is depicted wearing a green cape. Such an outfit helps her to remain unnoticed among the foliage. A magical unicorn invites you to a fairy-tale world. The snow-white mane of the unicorn sparkles in the sun’s rays, and the golden horn emits a magical glow. In addition, there are symbols that help to better understand the life of the mysterious forest.

Scatter symbol is a fancy silver jewelry that may belong to a beautiful elf. The pendant is artfully decorated with small details. Such delicate work must be the work of elven craftsmen!

And here is the quiver with arrows, which belongs to the brave forest warrior. Elves zealously guard their world from strangers. In the magic ball, you can see everything that happens in the forest and beyond. The wisdom of the ages is stored in the book of spells. This old tome is covered with plant stems. It seems that only an initiate can open it. What kind of power is hidden in the mushrooms that grow in this forest? They clearly have magical properties, because above them you can see the already familiar bluish glow.

Low symbols – runes carved on stone fragments. Each of the rune symbols has a different color. This makes it easier for players to distinguish between them without looking closely at the details of each rune.


All symbols have an animated version. At the Wild symbol, the wizard waves his staff from a thick branch with a cunning interweaving of roots and stems. Wild appears with a flash of golden light.


Sparks appear on animated high symbols along the perimeter of the frame. In the hands of the elven girl, a ball of light flashes, the unicorn shakes its luxurious mane, and a precious stone begins to glow on the decoration.


Asterisks shimmer above the animated Regular symbols, and each symbol gets additional dynamics.


Animated Low symbols look no less impressive. The stone fragments enlarge as if they are approaching the players. The runes on them flash with a bright light.


The screen of the Risk game is designed as a place for prayers and rituals. Shown here are fragments of rock with bright runes. On the rocks there are bowls in which blue flames blaze. Dense greenery grows wonderfully on the stone surface. In the center of the screen is a playing card with a deep purple pattern. She suggests that players have to take risks and trust their intuition. This is the only way they can guess the color of the next card that comes up in the game.



The greeting screen has a large image of a magic ball. This ball is set at the roots of a tree. Big win is lit next to it.



In case of receiving bonus games, the entire screen is shrouded in thick fog. Players see a large Scatter symbol and an inscription with information about the winnings.



There is no fog in the animated version of this screen. The reels are hidden by a translucent dark veil, the Scatter symbol and text appear.



The paytable is arranged on three screens. All of them have a black background and a decorative frame in the form of intertwined branches. One of the stems gives off a blue glow and this makes the image truly magical.



The same bluish glow of fairy dust can be seen at the bottom of the screen, above the page numbering.



Information about the meaning of Regular symbol and Low symbols are placed on separate pages.



The greeting screens of bonus games and free spins information are designed the same.



The game reel is darkened and a black plate appears in the center. Players see a text with information about the winnings on it.



Blue and gold sparkles fly around this tablet. They come in different sizes and therefore look more natural.



The Ok button is designed as a magic ball. Behind the letters, you can see the dense green of forest trees.