Slot machine for SALE – “Monkey”

Slot machine for SALE – “Monkey”



Wukong Themed online slot game

A warrior in the guise of a monkey, Wukong, is cute in that he is not perfect. This is a character who makes mistakes and is even punished for his antics. But in the end, the thirst for adventure wins and Wukong sets off to meet new challenges. He, like the players, does not want to be bored. The gambling hero is close and understandable to everyone who decides to try their luck and start the game.

The game reels take players into the world of Chinese legends. All information is placed on stylized red scrolls with gold ornaments. The combination of red and gold colors was not accidentally chosen for the decoration. In the Chinese tradition these colors symbolize well-being and prosperity. The background image behind the reels are mountains, rocks and a Chinese pagoda. Sun Wukong’s adventure story recounts his many travels. And the terrain depicted on the game reel allows players to feel like companions of the Monkey King. If you are interested in our new product, you can purchase it at our store –



There are two variants for the game background. On the first, we see a landscape in pastel colors. The mountains are covered with haze, in the foreground huge trees are clearly visible. Shades of green and brown predominate. This landscape looks very peaceful. The second option is the same area in the rays of the rising sun. Here we see contrasting colors, rich and vibrant. The sun rises over the mountains and paints the sky in various shades of orange and red. The tops of the mountains are already lit. But the rocks and the forest look completely dark. It is impossible to distinguish the green of the foliage. Instead, we see another accent – the outline of the branches of a Chinese pine tree.



At the sketches of high symbols you can see the monkey king close-up. You can see in the hands of a magic staff – his sure weapon. Wild, Scatter, Any symbols differ from each other only by their inscriptions.



On these, perfectly polished symbols, Sun Wukong appears in a front of the players in all his glory. He is in bright armor, his mane burns in the rays of the sun, and his gaze is full of determination. A magical hoop shines on the ape warrior’s head. It might be mistaken for a crown, but in fact, this hoop is supposed to restrain and control Sun Wukong. All high symbols have a curly frame of golden color.




The next two sketches depict the attributes of the main characters of the epic – Wukong himself and his faithful companion Zhu Bajie. The monkey king is symbolized by the very magic hoop that shines on the head. In the sketch, you can see the flame of fire – this is a reference to the action of the hoop itself. As soon as the monkey king broke the rules or was about to commit a rash act, the hoop squeezed his head and seemed to be on fire. And the second symbol – a rake with nine prongs – is an attribute of Zhu Bajie. A somewhat comical character, half-pig, half-man, armed with a rake.


Well polished symbols evoke admiration for the attributes of the heroes. Zhu Bajie’s rake looks like a real magic weapon. The turquoise color combined with gold helps to depict the rake not as a common tool. Sparks around the prongs remind you that this rake is magic. Sun Wukong’s gold hoop looks very mysterious. A purple background with a blue haze shimmers around it. This reminds us that the Monkey King is not an ordinary warrior, but a hero who has received immortality.




The next series of sketches is dedicated to Wukong’s adventures. Peaches from the Heavenly Garden, a lotus and a long sword with a curved blade are all important details of the legend of the Monkey King.



On the detaily drawn symbols, it is immediately clear that we are not talking about ordinary things. Each picture demonstrates the magical properties of the objects depicted on it. Peaches deserve a separate chapter in the biography of the hero of this slot. In front of us are not just peaches, but the fruits of immortality. By order of the Jade Emperor, Sun Wukong was assigned as a guard in the Heavenly Garden. He guarded the peach trees with the fruits of immortality. Agree that the Monkey King could not have access to such a treasure and not use it. Of course, he ate the peaches and became immortal.

The Magic Fan is a powerful artifact that Sun Wukong received as a trophy during his travels. The monkey warrior had to work hard to get such a valuable thing.





Another weapon is a long sword with a crescent-shaped blade. In the Chinese weaponry tradition, there is a special type of long sword – the Guan Dao. Such a sword combines the functions of a sword, spear, pole and hook. A warrior with such a sword is almost invulnerable.

And, finally, the lotus is also not depicted by chance. According to legend, the Monkey King was able to move even through the clouds thanks to his magic shoes made of lotus roots.



The greeting screens differ from each other in the size and nature of the images, depending on the amount of the prize. The “99 free spins” screen shows Sun Wukong’s portrait. Beams radiate from the golden frame and it seems that the portrait itself is glowing. On the Jackpot screen, players see the Monkey King’s golden magic hoop. Leaves swirl in the air above it, and the hoop itself is enveloped in a magic haze. There is an absolute sense of triumph.



Pay tables are decorated on traditional Chinese red scrolls. This once again reminds of the traditions of China, in which events unfold.



The next four screens with different winnings look like an inscription on the background of game symbols. The color of the inscription changes depending on the nature of the win: