Slot machine for SALE – “Mega Casher”

Slot machine for SALE – “Mega Casher”



Meet our new online Classic slot machine

The fact that visitors to virtual casinos gave the palm of the championship to 777 slots, was a real discovery for experts in the world of gambling. Today there are so many slot machines that, it would seem, no one will remember the good old “one-armed bandits”. However, in practice it turned out that classic slots can give the most innovative simulators a head start. Like in any other sphere, in the game industry the classics are given a special place. Developed by our designers a new slot, is a kind of synthesis of the classic slot and video slot. Stylistically it is designed as a classic slot, and mechanically and mathematically as an online slot machine:



This is the final version of the thematic background image for the main game mode of the slot machine “Mega Casher”. On the image, you can see the glowing night lights of Las Vegas:


Here you can see a set of game symbols specially designed for this online slot. In this set there are symbols from different categories, including “low”, “middle” and “high” categories. Thus, the number of winning points may differ, as a result of simultaneous getting of game symbols of one or another category.



Here we decided to show the process of animation of game symbols for all categories:





This screen is an auxiliary table of rules and here are brief classifications of game symbols from the category “High”. For example, the symbol “Wild” (in a case of appearing more than two) brings to the player Bonus Round. The symbol “Spin” (in a case of appearing more than two) brings to the player activation Free Spins with 3x multiplier. Symbol “Free Spins” (in a case of appearing more than two)  brings to the player activation Free Spins Round.



These screens are the auxiliary tables of rules and payments, where the player can get acquainted with all the numerical values that are awarded for simultaneous getting of certain symbols. The more symbols of a certain type you’ll get simultaneously at the game reels, the more winning points you get. Slightly below there are the buttons, with the help of which you can scroll all the pages in any order, and also return to the main game screen:



On the next image, you may see the splash screen of the Bonus Game:



This is a pop-up screen that notifies the player of the Winning from Free Spins: