Slot machine for SALE – “Leprechaun’s Pot”

Slot machine for SALE – “Leprechaun’s Pot”



Leprechaun’s Themed online slot game

Leprechauns are cunning and insidious creatures. They look quite comical – these are very short, stocky men with red hair, dressed in green suits, the same color a top hat and shoes with silver buckles. In such an outfit, of course, it is easy for them to hide in the dense thickets of hills.
The famous wealth of leprechauns, which they keep in well-hidden pots. Where this very pot is located, only the leprechaun himself knows, and you can find out this secret only by catching it. In exchange for his freedom, he will promise to tell you where the pot is buried, but if only it were that simple! These creatures are notorious deceivers. One has only to turn away from the leprechaun for a moment, as he disappears without a trace, despite all his vows and promises! If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The Leprechaun’s Pot logo is emerald green, which symbolizes luck, joy, renewal and is the national color of the emerald country. Even the reels frame is associated with ancient Irish legends. It is made of light brown wood, decorated with gold ornaments and four-leaf clover leaves. The control panel of the game deserves special attention. All buttons are gold. This color is definitely associated with money. Balance, Message box, Bet and Win are printed on green ribbons with gold buckles that look like they were taken from the shoes of a leprechaun. The gold lettering stands out beautifully against the green. The fonts are specially selected for the Irish theme, cross-complementing the style of the game. The main character of the “Leprechaun’s Pot” slot game, the leprechaun, will accompany you throughout the game and rejoice at the victories with you!



At the background, we see green meadows, a blue sky with snow-white clouds, on which a multicolored rainbow can be seen, a mighty ancient tree, and of course the very pot where the legendary riches of leprechauns are kept. There is so much gold in it that it does not fit in a pot!



Bonus symbol – a green top hat that gives off a magical golden glow. Since ancient times, the hat has been worn either to escape the heat, or to look different from others. The hat was a symbol of the nobility of the family, a symbol of “unusualness” and even a symbol of royal power. Scatter symbol – a brooch made in the original Irish style, decorated with a green ribbon with gold stripes. The coin features a clover leaf that should bring you good luck! Wild symbol – four-leaf clover. It is believed that whoever finds a four-leaf clover leaf on this St. Patrick’s Day will find happiness. This is a sign of great luck, and on this day it doubles the magic power! Wild, Bonus and Scatter inscriptions are made on old parchment. All inscriptions are stylized in the Celtic style.



A beautiful leprechaun girl, dressed in traditional Irish clothing, holds a glass of beer in her hands and invites you to join in the fun! A green shoe filled to the brim with shiny gold coins. Leprechauns were fairies’ shoemakers who, according to the legends, had both left legs. A red-bearded hitz leprechaun, with a pot of gold in his hands, smokes his beloved one, smokes a pipe. Legend has it that if you catch a leprechaun, he must fulfill three wishes or show where his gold is kept!



A wooden glass with a foaming beer complements the atmosphere of celebration and fun! A golden horseshoe entwined with a green ribbon is a symbol of Good Luck. Perhaps today luck will smile at you! A wooden harp that the Irish loved to play. This musical instrument has become one of the most beloved symbols of Ireland. Stacks of gold coins, surrounded by clover leaves, emitting a magical glow, will complement the atmosphere of real magic! The smoking pipe is one of the favorite items of the leprechaun. Leprechauns are famous for their addiction to tobacco, so they never let their pipes out of their mouths. A pot of gold, followed by a multicolored rainbow, shines with magical light. So it beckons the player to plunge into the atmosphere of the exciting Irish legend!



The Paytable screens provide an auxiliary table of rules as well as a summary of the winning combinations of the game. The main background is darkened on purpose to make the Paytable pop-ups look brighter and attract more attention. The information about the winning combinations is enclosed in wooden frames, which perfectly matches the reels frame and complements the playing style. The gold numbers work beautifully with the Celtic frame ornamentation, and also look great against the maroon background.

The first page shows high symbols and their properties. The Clover Leaf – Wild symbol – replaces any other symbol on the reels except for Scatter and Bonus. 3 Scatter symbols trigger the Free spins round. Three or more Bonus symbols anywhere on the active paytable activate the Bonus game.



The second and third Paytable pages describe special and low symbols and their winnings. The more identical symbols appear on the reels at the same time, the more winning points you get!




All screens for congratulations are made in a bright style. They give the player a sense of victory, awaken his passion and desire to try his luck again and again!

3 Scatter symbols in the form of a golden brooch activate the Free spins round. May good luck smile on you today!



Congratulations! You won $5,000 from Free Spins! Today you are a real lucky one! Don’t waste your chance to multiply your winnings!



3 or more Bonus symbols in the form of a green hat with a magical glow, gives you the opportunity to play the bonus game! Don’t miss your chance to find the famous Leprechaun Gold!