Slot machine for SALE – “Legend of Viking”

Slot machine for SALE – “Legend of Viking”



Vikings Themed online slot game

Modern culture actively uses the image of the Vikings. Handsome bearded men and determined girls excite the imagination of our contemporaries. It would be great to step on the deck of the drakkar, hear the deck creak and feel the salty spray flying into your face. Every man would like to pick up a battle ax – a symbol of strength and courage. And every girl dreams of just such a conqueror – decisive and resilient. Fast forward to the era of Thor and Odin and let players experience the heady taste of adventure in Legend of Viking slot. The Legend of Viking slot is designed in accordance with the traditions of Scandinavian culture. Warm colors and wood textures are used for the reels. The rune-ligature decor creates the appropriate atmosphere in the game. The reels are structured, the sectors are separated by vertical thin lines. In the lower left corner, there is a place for the player’s avatar. The green line graphically shows the players progress. In the lower right corner there is a “Spin” button. It is made in the form of a wooden shield, behind which swords are crossed. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –



For the game background, an image of a drakkar or a boat is used – a traditional Viking ship. It was these ships that were the key to their successful conquests. The secret of the boat’s speed lies in its shape: the long and narrow hull with the keel was surprisingly stable. Such ships were created for fast movement, including in shallow water. Oars were located almost along the entire inner length of the side, and the sail increased speed. Not surprisingly, the art of the Vikings as sailors aroused admiration and amazement! The choice of decoration for ships is not accidental: most of the drakkars have carved dragon heads. The Vikings believed that the image of a formidable beast scares away evil forces. Behind the drakkar you can see a rocky coast and overlapping clouds. Such a landscape emphasizes the ascetic nature of the Vikings and shows how harsh their land was. Below the reels, waves and stones are visible. They might be dangerous for someone. But skillful Vikings can easily bypass such obstacles on the way to their goal.



Wild symbol is an image of a drakkar. As we already mentioned, the life of the Vikings cannot be imagined without ships. They did possible to explore new lands, raids, conquests and trade. We see a boat with battle shields on board and we can assume that the brave Vikings set out on a campaign for new victories.

Scatter symbol is a skull with runes depicted on the forehead. Do not be surprised by this picture: in the Viking culture, the skull was a talisman. Legends portrayed the skull as the seat of the soul. It was believed that a warrior who got someone else’s head received the energy of his opponent’s life. In addition, the skull serves as a reminder that everyone is mortal. This means that we should not postpone everything we dream of

Both symbols are framed in a square wooden frame, decorated with a dragon’s head in the corners.




The next row of symbols introduces players to the heroes of the legends themselves. The first character is a Viking, wearing a helmet with horns. His beard is completely gray, although his face does not look old. His eyes peer into the distance. It can be assumed that this mighty warrior has more than a dozen battles behind him. The girl is not inferior in belligerence. The red-haired beauty looks directly at the players with a slight smile. Interestingly, in the Viking society, women had a lot of freedom and respect. While the men were on long hikes, the women were in charge of the household and, of course, could stand up for themselves. So the young beauty in combat attire looks absolutely organic. And the third character is a young Viking. One of his shoulders is open. You can see that the muscular arm and chest are covered with scars. Her golden hair and beard are braided in braids. All three symbols are framed in square wooden frames.




Royal symbols – items from the life of the Vikings. A double-edged battle ax decorated with runes. Next to him is a hammer – only a strong man can handle it! Please note: the hammer has the magic symbol Trixelle. One line is woven in such a way that it has neither beginning nor end, and it intertwines with itself, forming the Trixelle symbol. It demonstrates the inextricable connection of three planes of being, three worlds from Scandinavian culture. This is a kind of key to the subtle world of energies that create the entire visible and invisible universe.

The helmet with a mask and chain mail, which is depicted in the following symbol, is intended for the leader, not for the ordinary Viking. Most warriors wore tapered leather helmets reinforced with metal plates. But from the horn both the leader and any sailor could drink. The horn is a symbol of feast, success, joy for the Vikings. A sword and a wooden shield round off this series of symbols. Although not all Vikings were raiding, in our culture they are most often presented with weapons in their hands. Both the sword and shield are decorated with runes and traditional Scandinavian designs.





Bonuses for players are presented in the form of treasure chests. It was in such chests that the Vikings brought their prey to their native villages.



Greetings screens use a game background and a reel that displays a message indicating the amount of the win. The font imitates Scandinavian runes. The font color and size change depending on the amount of the win.










The congratulatory screen – Jackpot, is additionally filled with golden sparks. The game background is darkened and the inscription looks especially bright.





Paytables are decorated in the form of parchment in a wooden frame.



Along the perimeter, the screen with the High symbols value is decorated with another famous Scandinavian symbol – the trefoot. Trefot or triskelion means a combination of three elements – earth, water and air.



Congratulatory screens with a message about Free spins and Bonus games are placed against a darkened game background and are complemented by golden sparks.



The OK button is made in the form of a shield with crossed swords that are already familiar to players.