Slot machine for SALE – “Jewelry”

Slot machine for SALE – “Jewelry”



Jewelry Themed online slot game

All the best in the world is usually compared to jewelry. True friendship and true love are often called the same luxury as a diamond. A loving man admires the eyes of his beloved, like sapphires or emeralds, and compares delicate skin with mother of pearl. The “Jewelry” slot combines the best luxury items: huge gems, inlaid gold watches and exclusive jewelry. The game reels are designed as a showcase of the best jewelry salon. The base resembles dark red velvet. This background emphasizes the brilliance of each decoration.

Each button resembles a gem: a diamond, ruby, sapphire or emerald. The fantasy frame around the reels resembles an interweaving of curls of yellow and white gold. If you are interested in our new product, you can purchase it at our store –



The game background is a richly decorated lounge with a luxurious staircase and numerous chandeliers. Such a living room could be on the Titanic or in the palace of the monarch. On this elaborately decorated parquet, Vienna balls could take place or meetings of representatives of high society could take place. Of course, in such an environment, the best jewels will be appropriate! Diamonds are usually worn only in the evening, when artificial lighting emphasizes every facet of the stone. Therefore, on the gaming background, we see a dim light and lit lamps.



Game symbols:

On the Bonus symbol we can see a large gold pendant. The pendant is a universal decoration. To give such a product, you do not need to guess the size or pick up the pendant to the style of clothing of the woman. Pendants are easy to combine with different decorations. On short or long chains, pendants always look different. Therefore, all the girls love them so much.

Scatter symbol – an amazing ring in white gold. Look at this rich inlay! Diamonds, emeralds and blue sapphires complement each other. Pay attention to blue sapphire. This is a rare type of stone, available only to the chosen. The price for such sapphires reaches tens of thousands of dollars per carat! White gold for the ring wasn’t chosen by chance. It is white gold, and not yellow or pink, that is considered the best frame for precious stones.

Wild symbol – a luxurious bracelet in a gift case. There is a special pleasure in picking up an oblong velvet box, moving your fingers along its rough surface, and feeling the pleasant weight of the contents. And only then open, for a moment, squint at the bright light that will be reflected in the faces of the stones, and experience an unusual delight from such beauty.

The next series of symbols is jewelry for every taste and for every occasion. Here are the delicate earrings with topazes in a velvet box. The Duchess Kate Middleton has similar earrings. The beauty of blue stones is that they suit almost everyone. Blondes with blue eyes in such earrings emphasize the delicate shade of their skin and enhance the blue color of the eyes. And burning brunettes can play in contrast and give their appearance additional brightness. Look at the stones in the form of drops. This form emphasizes the oval of the face. Imagine a girl in a high hairdo in an evening dress and with such earrings. This is a true embodiment of nobility!

The original trinity gold ring is a jewel with a secret. Each thin ring in itself does not have much significance. But it is worth putting on three rings together, and the rubies create a shape of heart. Romantic declaration of love immortalized in gold!

Jewelry for a special occasion is, of course, tiaras. It is enough to wear a tiara with central sapphires and you can immediately feel like a member of the royal family. An amazing combination of sapphires and diamonds is associated with a gala reception at Buckingham Palace. Ladies in long dresses walk slowly around the hall, a delicate aroma of perfumes is felt, classical music sounds. And the owner of a sapphire tiara will definitely be in the spotlight!

And here is another diadem: it is more delicate, but equally luxurious. With this decoration, you can safely appear on the red carpet or the Oscars. Oh, this world of celebrities and their exclusive jewelry! It seems if you wear such a diadem, life will immediately change for the better. What fantasies are born in the head when looking at this gentle diadem with topaz!

And, of course, a special place among the symbols is occupied by a ring with a central large diamond. William Shakespeare said that dumb diamonds often affect women better than any eloquence. We are sure that when looking at such a ring, any woman will answer the cherished “yes”. A diamond ring is more than an adornment. The girl puts it on her finger, and then admires endlessly, puts her hand forward and enjoys. On the gaming reels, a diamond ring will give almost the same pleasure.

The next row of symbols is decorations on a transparent background. Each item is beautiful, but most of these items are not so elaborate. Stud earrings in white and yellow gold are appropriate in everyday life. Now many jewelry companies offer incrustation with diamonds for such laconic products. The restrained design seems to say: earrings with diamonds are available not only to the rich and famous. Earrings-studs with gemstones are worn by young girls, business ladies, and young mothers. This is a jewelry that unites different audiences and everyone likes it equally.

Necklace with ruby and diamonds will also suit everyone, but only for a special occasion. It is enough to wear a little black dress, complement the look with such a necklace, and success is guaranteed.

Another category of jewelry is watches. In the era of smart watches, the classic model with a gold bracelet looks particularly elegant. A small round dial emphasizes the owner’s delicate wrist. Inlay around the circumference of the bracelet demonstrates the status and success of a woman.

And finally, a golden bracelet. The original design immediately shows a branded thing. You will not find such a thing in a mass market! By the way, the bracelet and watch can be safely called the secret weapon of women. Surely you noticed: when a woman flirts or wants to show her sympathy, she starts playing with a bracelet on her hand. The male gaze automatically goes to the wrist, and then along the inside of the hand. If you look closely at the bracelet on the screen, you can imagine how effortlessly weave and tinkle chains with each movement of the hand.



Pay table screens are designed in the same style as a gaming reel. Background – burgundy velvet with curls. The text is easy to read on it. For convenience, Wild, Scatter and Bonus symbols are highlighted in different colors. Thus, it is easy to remember the rules for each symbol.



Buttons for switching between pages are made in the form of rubies. Page numbers are written on a dark blue background – the classic color of sapphire.



Curls and inlay frames maintain the style of the game and do not distract from the information on the screen.



All greeting screens are decorated in the form of a gold plate.



Elegant curls at the top and curly edge design make the screen more elegant.



The OK button is made in the form of a large ruby.