Slot machine for SALE – “Jelly 777”

Slot machine for SALE – “Jelly 777”



Sweets Themed online slot game

We all love gummies. And the presented Jelly 777 slot was created by our creative designers, inspired by these sweets. It turned out very bright, tasty and creative. Spectacular graphics and a variety of colors attract attention even more. Jelly 777  slot is a fun, easy and at the same time addictive game that will give everyone the maximum pleasure from the graphics and the gameplay at all. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The game reel (on the main background) of the JELLY 777 slot is divided into three vertical columns with BAR symbols and a winning combination. Below is a control panel in the form of rectangular cells with the inscriptions of the bet, credit, winnings, final bet, as well as additional control buttons. On the bottom right, there is a large glass square pink SPIN button. On the top there is a panel of four cells with symbols of the highest category and the amount of winnings for a particular game.



The main background of the JELLY 777 slot. It is presented in white and pink colors. We see a lot of colored candies, jelly candies, round candies and air meringues of various diameters, shapes and sizes, that creates a complete bright, juicy and very tasty image.


The symbols of the highest category are sevens of red, blue and light blue, the curly forms of which are highlighted by a gold rim. One of the sevens bears the inscription ANY and also belongs to the symbols of the highest category.



Another symbol of the highest category is BAR. The symbols are presented on rectangular gold bars in the amount of 1, 2 and 3 pieces with embossed red letters BAR on each.


Next, there are five symbols of the middle category. Each element of the presented symbols is highlighted, making them even more beautiful and voluminous.



Pop-ups with winning combinations for every game. They are presented on the main background: BIG WIN, MEGA WIN, HUGE WIN, SUPER WIN. Each lettering is presented in large letters in a bright color scheme with a winning number designation under each one.


Next, there are Pop-ups with Jackpot winnings in large gold letters with the highest category symbols 7 and 7 ANY for each game (MINI, MEGA, MONSTER and COLOSSAL in different colors) and the amount of winnings below them.


A square window on the main background of the reel with the title of Jelly 777 slot in bright lime gradient letters indicating the big win of four jackpot levels from the combination 777, where sevens in a rectangular frame are presented below.


Another screen on the main background of the reel with the presence of all symbols and designation of the winning combination for each with the receipt of jackpots, as well as points, which are presented near each.



A congratulatory window that you have entered the free spins game. Above in bright big letters – “Congratulations” in lime color. Below in smaller font – “You’re entering”, even lower, but in larger font – “The free spins game”. At the very bottom there is a glass square OK button in a gentle crimson color in a white frame

Congratulatory screen that you won money from the free spins game. Above, there is a congratulatory inscription in big lime letters “Congratulations”. Below – “You won $5000” and even lower – “From free spins game”. At the very bottom is the OK button.


Another congratulatory screen, which informs that you have entered the bonus game. Traditional square OK button in light crimson color, congratulatory inscription – “Congratulations”. And below the inscription – “You’re entering”, and even below – “The bonus game”.

Another congratulatory inscription on the amount of winning from the bonus game. In a rectangular purple frame, the inscription “Congratulations”. Below is the OK button. In the middle – “You won $5000”, and even lower – “From the bonus game”.