Slot machine for SALE – “Cute Puppy”

Slot machine for SALE – “Cute Puppy”



Pets Themed online slot game

Large and petite, fluffy and smooth-haired, obedient and mischievous. All puppies are so different. They are united by one thing – unchanging love and devotion, as well as the happiness that the owners experience when they hug their pets to their chest. Pets are the most loyal friends. And in the slot “Cute Puppy” it is the four-legged friends that accompany the players on their way to success and prosperity.. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The game reels are designed in warm shades from sandy to brown. In the background, traces of small puppy paws are visible. The bottom of the reels simulates a cozy rug. After all, we know how dogs love to lie on a soft rug! In the lower left corner there is a place for the player’s avatar and name. The progress bar around the avatar shows the progress of the game. In the lower right corner there is a “Spin” button. It is made in the form of a red ball with paw marks. The total score of the game is displayed on the plate in the form of a large dice.



The game background shows an aristocratic living room. A fire crackles in the fireplace, and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafts from the coffee pot on the coffee table. It’s so great to sit in a huge chair wrapped in a blanket and read a book. Looks like the puppy has already appreciated the soft chair! The favorite of the whole family has played enough with balls of thread, and now she is resting and waiting for the hostess. A treat for the puppy is already ready – it’s a sugar bone.



Scatter symbol – a mischievous puppy with a cute spot around one eye. Such a puppy immediately catches the eye, you cannot confuse him with anyone. And although this is not a purebred puppy, usually it is these pets that are the most loyal and loved. After all, they love not for the breed!

Wild symbol – trail from a dog’s paw. It would seem such a trifle, but for dog owners this is a very important and dear detail. Such traces always remain next to the traces of the owner. In summer, they can be seen on the sand, near the sea or river. They are visible in winter, when the pet catches in surprise the first snowflakes in its life. Parallel chains of human and dog footprints are repeated day after day for many years. Of course, they symbolize friendship and love.
Both symbols are framed in square frames with a blue background.

The next row of symbols is different puppies, each with its own character. Pets, each of them has a detail – a gift from the owners. This is a touching pink bow, colorful collars and noticeable pendants. All symbols are framed in round frames with different backgrounds – green, lilac and purple.

Another row of symbols is objects that symbolize caring for dogs. A collar with a leash allows you not to lose your pet during a walk. Look what a collar! Here you can enter the name of the puppy. A toy in the shape of a bone is every pet’s dream. A pet can bring such a bone to the owner, hide it and just gnaw it with the teeth. For a puppy – what you need. And, of course, a bowl of the best food. Puppies need a lot of energy to grow and play, so good puppy food is vital.

The letters from Low symbols imitate a multi-colored fluffy fur.



On the game results screens, the score appears in the background of the game reel. The winning line is highlighted for visual demonstration. The main part of the screen with information about the slot is occupied by a turquoise canvas with paw marks.



In a case of win, the reels are darkened on the congratulatory screens. An inscription appears on the background with information about the amount of the win. Depending on the amount of the win, the font color and size change.





Paytables are similar in design to a game reels. The information is placed on a beige background with paw prints.



The background and the reel are darkened on the greeting screens in case of receiving bonus games. The text with information about the win is placed on a turquoise background with paw marks.



The OK button is designed as a red ball for fun puppy games.