Slot machine for SALE – “Back to School”

Slot machine for SALE – “Back to School”




School Themed online slot game

So, school days have come again! Interesting lessons, a perky bell and funny school breaks are waiting for students again! School is a place where we get basic knowledge that can be useful throughout life. All children go to school – there they find their new friends, join the sciences and art. Back to School is designed in a fun way to repeat the learning process, and create an atmosphere of class and conduct lessons in a virtual form. Here you can spend your free time fun and profitably. Enjoy the game and good luck! In the classroom, on the blackboard there are 5 reels. Before the start of the “lesson” you have to make a bet. Each player can also make the highest bet in the game, for this, the bet max button is pressed. After placing bets, you can press the Spin key to start the game. If you do not want to start the game every time in manual mode, you can use the auto-play option. To control the slot machine, you don’t need special skills, just familiarize yourself with the set of function keys. The buttons for launching the game, turning on the auto-play mode, and selecting the bet size are at the bottom of the screen. The set of thematic symbols is quite extensive. In addition to card symbols on the playing field there are: a stack of books, a globe, a school bus, a microscope; as well as special symbols. All images emphasize the theme of the slot.If you are interested in our new product, you can buy it at our store –



Bright colorful design, well-drawn graphics on the background of the appropriate classroom, under the twitter of birds will create a certain atmosphere, and you will not want to leave this “temple of science” for a long time.



All symbols of this machine are paid at the time of compilation of combinations, however, the symbols are divided into thematic and special. Thematic symbols: the image of the alarm clock, without which not a single morning of the student begins; a stack of books carrying knowledge; without a microscope you will not know the smallest details; a school bus that is racing to a lesson; a globe, an unchanging attribute of any student. There are also denominations of card symbols, as if drawn in chalk. Three specials, there are: Wild, Scatter, Bonus. Wild in the form of a bell symbolizes the first bell of each student and plays the role of a replacement symbol, e.g. it replaces any other symbols, thus creating winning combinations with its appearance on the screen. The Scatter symbol – a school building, plays the role of a symbol that brings Free Spins, and the Bonus symbol in the form of an owl, that symbolizes wisdom, and helps to open the bonus game.



In the bonus game, you have a great test, you need, as in the exam, to open from the proposed nine cards and find the highest winning ratio. Go through all the stages, that is, get to the very top, and get the biggest win. You can open this round by collecting three Bonus symbols.



Each closed picture depicts a mathematical sign, behind which multipliers are hidden. And the larger the multiplier, the larger the gain.



The maximum value can be hidden behind any card, or maybe you are lucky to open all the largest numbers.



Having learned the table, you can find out which symbols are of the greatest value, which icons have advanced features, how bonuses are launched, etc. Symbols are listed in decreasing order of value and are subdivided. Each combination is assigned a specific multiplier. The table lists these coefficients. In order to figure out what the payout will be for one sequence or another, the player must multiply the bet by this indicator. Special symbols – Scatter, Bonus and Wild.



High-level pictures – images of game symbols that are directly related to the theme of the slot. They form the most valuable combinations.



Low level pictures – at the end of the table are card suits. These are the cheapest icons. They land on the reels most often, but bring small wins.



On a sheet in a notebook that appears after three or more owls land, a warning will appear. It indicates that the player has switched to bonus mode.



The amount received as a result of the bonus round will be displayed in the same notebook and will be transferred to the main mode -field “Balance”.



The player can also get Free Spins, for which three, four or five scatter symbols should appear on the line.The game will immediately notify you about this.



The total amount received as a result of Free Spins will be displayed on the screen and after clicking OK it will be transferred to the player’s total account.


Students have already gathered at their desks and the lesson has begun.