Slot machine for SALE – “Airport”

Slot machine for SALE – “Airport”



Airoport Themed Online Slot Machine

The conquest of heavenly spaces – people have dreamed about it since ancient times. And even now, when flying into the boundless blue distances have become a reality, the subject of aviation still intrigues the inhabitants of the globe. Interesting, realistic plot of the online slot game “Airport” shows the player a modern rhythm of life, unfolding in the airport terminal. Our new online slot game “Airport” you can purchase at our store –



Slot game “Airport” is colorfully decorated, the graphics are made in a realistic style, and the characters resemble real airline employees. It is worth activating the slot, how to get acquainted with important pilots, traffic controller and stewardess:


The landscape of the blue sky in the background creates a feeling of free space, detachment from the rest of the world. The sky, stretching over the main characters, beckons to him, promising unforgettable impressions and thrills. High-quality sound emphasizes the highlights of the game, enhancing its realism:



On the screen below, you can see the auxiliary table of rules and here are brief classifications of game symbols from the category “High”. For example, The symbol “Wild” (Stewardess) replaces any symbol on the game reels, excepting the “Scatter”and “Bonus” symbol. The symbol “Bonus” (Captain) (in a case of appearing more than two) brings to the player Bonus Round. And the symbol “Scatter” (Pilot) (in a case of appearing more than two) brings to the player activation Free Spins Round:



The next three screens are the auxiliary tables of rules and payments, where the player can get acquainted with all the numerical values that are awarded for simultaneous getting of game symbols from the category “Middle” and “Low”. The more symbols of a certain type appear simultaneously on the game reels, the more winning points you get:





The next four screens are pop-up screens, giving information to the player of the following:

  1. On the first – Congratulations with the Bonus game;
  2. On the second – Winnings from Bonus game;
  3. On the third – Congratulations with the Free Spins game;
  4. On the fourth – Winnings from Free Spins game.