Slot machine for SALE – “Maya Quest”

Slot machine for SALE – “Maya Quest”




Mayan Themed slot machine

We present to your attention the main interface of the slot machine “Maya Quest”. The subject of this slot machine is based on the fun adventures of the ancient Mayan tribe. The game reels are a field of 5×3 cells, where all the game symbols involved in the game are conveniently located. Below is the control panel and navigation, where the player can not only to press the desired buttons, but also to track his game progress. For example, on the bottom panel there are special buttons with the help of which you can increase or decrease the number of lines and the level of your bet. There is a button for automatically launching the game, a maximum bet button, as well as a button for launching auxiliary screens with accompanying information. On the right side of the screen is a small friendly Indian of the Maya tribe, who will perform various actions in accordance with different game situations. if you are interested in our new product, you can purchase it at our store –

Maya symbols at slot machine


This background image is the main one and shows the ruins of the ancient pyramids, hidden from the eyes among the lush vegetation. In addition, this background image can be used as a pop-up screen and transition between the pop-up window and the main game mode. The game interface is located in the central part of the background image and doesn’t overlap its remaining parts.



Below, you can see complete animation process of all game symbols for this online slot game:



 Below you can see the main screen of the bonus game, where you have to open the door in search of hidden treasures. In the positive case, after opening the door, you will get a pleasant bonus, but if luck is not on your side, then death in the form of a skull with bones is waiting for you and all collected points are canceled.



And this is an additional screen for the bonus game, where you have to guess the colors of the stones. You choose the color of the gem in one of the statue’s eyes and the next second, the same precious stones begin to appear in the mouth of the statue. If your choice matches with the color of the emerging stone then you win, but if not – you lose.



Here you have to play with The higher power and throw the largest combination using dice. If your hand is bigger, then you win a special bonus to the multiplication of points, which looks like one more precious stone, but if your combination is smaller, one of the skulls flies out for your soul and your bonus burns out.


maya_3d_bonus2_1 maya_3d_bonus2_2  maya_3d_bonus2_5

At this screen you can see how the skulls project the red lightning in the center of the game table and a bonus stone appears, that indicates a win. Through the powerful glow of the rays, the stone will be thrown up and you will receive your winnings, which then will be transferred to your general account in the gaming interface.



On the next two screens you can see the animation of the bonus game of this slot machine.

They show the whole process of the bonus round, which is described above.



This screen is an auxiliary table of rules and payments, where the player can get acquainted with all the numerical values that are awarded for simultaneous getting of certain symbols. The more symbols of a certain type you’ll get simultaneously on the game reels, the more winning points you’ll obtain.



These pop-ups are informative and notify the player whenever he wins or loses his bet in a process of Chance Game. If you win, in this case you can either continue the game, or return to the initial menu. If you loose, you can return to the menu at once:

maya_3d_popup1 maya_3d_popup2