Slot machine for SALE – “Diamond Fortune”

Slot machine for SALE – “Diamond Fortune”




Diamond Themed online slot machine

They say that even if a diamond falls into the mud, it still remains a diamond. The absolute value of precious stones does not need additional arguments. It is no coincidence that it is with diamonds that we compare everything beautiful – both the shine of the stars and the shine of our beloved eyes. You don’t need to be a jeweler to appreciate the beauty of stones – emeralds, sapphires, rubies and, of course, diamonds. In the “Diamond Fortune” slot, you can admire the perfect cut of each stone and their various shapes. And, of course, the players will pretend to be the owners of these jewels. After all, for this, the game begins! If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

Look at this huge diamond! It seems that a skilled craftsman has shaped it perfectly. The classic variant for cutting diamonds – 57 facets. And in each of these facets, we can observe the play of light. Take a closer look: a rainbow appeared due to the refraction of the ray. Some edges are lighter, others darker – this is how a real diamond looks. “Diamond Fortune” lettering was made in gold colors. The letters seem to be inlaid with rhombus-shaped stones. Curly curls at the top and bottom add a touch of style to the screen.



Let’s move on to the design of the slot game reels. Here the name of the slot is also decorated with stones. But these are already multi-colored stones. Green emeralds and pink rubies can be seen. The decorative frame around the reels looks like yellow gold. And, of course, it is also inlaid with various stones. The main field of the reels is black. Nothing distracts players from the magnificence of the jewels. Likewise, jewelers lay out stones on black velvet to fully demonstrate their beauty.



The game background resembles a noble textured blue fabric. The embossed pattern does not look defiant, and at the same time it looks very solemn.



Scatter symbol – the image of a rare pink sapphire, which the master gave an unusual star shape during cutting. Wild symbol is an emerald. The shape of this stone is also not quite classical for jewelry. The emerald has been cut in the shape of a cross. These symbols have a gold-colored square frame interspersed with multi-colored stones.



Both symbols are animated. The stones rotate rapidly, and then the entire symbol crumbles into small shining shards.


The next three symbols are stones of a more familiar shape. Here you can see an extraordinary black diamond, emerald and the same rare pink sapphire. Such stones could adorn jewelry for the world’s most influential people. Black diamond has a rectangular shape, which is found in the most extravagant rings, pendants and earrings. The emerald is hexagonal and the sapphire is round. These forms are most often used by jewelers.



Animated symbols also show how stones rotate and shatter.


The next row of symbols is no less spectacular stones. It features a bright red heart-shaped ruby, oval purple amethyst, classic white diamond and unique yellow topaz.



All these stones rotate differently on the animated screen, but in the end they are equally scattered into bright pieces.


Low symbols are letters that are traditionally used to denote cards. Each of the letters looks like a gem set in a gold frame. Here you can see stones of red, blue and green colors. Blue undoubtedly symbolizes Princess Diana’s favorite stone – the blue sapphire.



These symbols also have an animated version. The letters turn and explode like bright spray.


The screen of the Risk game is like a luxury jewelry box. The blue diaper has gold monograms at the corners. For the inlay, the master chose purple amethysts of the correct oval shape. There is a diamond on the back of the card in the center of the screen. Will this card be red or black? Players will have to make a choice to get a chance to double their winnings.



On the congratulatory screen, in case of receiving Free spins, the same rectangular fragment of a blue textured background with a luxurious gold frame is depicted. The inscription with information about the free spins is made in golden color.



The paytable is divided into three pages. As in the design of the reel, a black background is used for the paytable. The gold frame around the perimeter shines with multi-colored stones. The first screen is dedicated to the Scatter symbol and Wild symbol.



The meaning of each symbol is framed in rectangular tablets with delicate gold patterns in the corners.



The “X” button is made in the form of a purple amethyst.



The greeting screens for information about Bonus games and Free spins are designed in the same style.



The game reels are darkened and a rectangular plaque with a gold frame appears in the center.



The background on this plate is dark blue, almost black. But if you look closely, you can make out the pattern that we have seen before on other screens.



The inscription with information about the winning is made in gold and turquoise colors.