Slot machine for SALE – “Magical Potions”

Slot machine for SALE – “Magical Potions”



Magic Themed online slot machine

Shamans, sorcerers, alchemists, witchers … At all times, humanity is inclined to believe in people with supernatural abilities that can open up new opportunities for us. Who knows, maybe sages-wizards really lived on Earth and they kept amazing recipes for magical infusions in their ancient books. Or now they live in some kind of parallel worlds. I wish I could try a potion of luck, for example! But you can get a bottle with an amazing solution without traveling between worlds! It is enough to start playing in the Magical potions slot – and magic will burst into everyday life like a whirlwind. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The game reels fully reflect the theme of the slot. Tall narrow flasks with a bright green liquid were used as a frame around the playing field. Bubbles rise up the flask and you can imagine how the liquid moves inside. The monochromatic dark color of the reels favorably emphasizes the multi-colored symbols. The control buttons are like gems that are sure to be among the treasures of wizards. The “Spin” button is made in the form of a closed flask with a green solution.



Spectacular game background combines black and gold colors. This contrast looks truly luxurious. The background is not just black, it looks like embossed leather. The curls in the background fold into a fancy pattern. A curly frame is depicted around the background. It can serve as a reliable frame for a leather fragment. The title of the slot is inscribed on a black background in gold letters. Due to the use of several shades of gold in the font, the letters seem to shimmer in the rays of light.



High symbol is the magician’s priceless treasure, his book of spells and secret recipes. The thick folio is richly bound. The cover features a huge red ruby.

Regular symbols are images of the wizard himself and two of the most valuable vessels of potions. The wizard is the same as we imagine him after getting acquainted with the world of fantasy. A venerable old man with a white beard, dressed in a blue robe and a high pointed hat. His clothes are blue in color. It is this color that is most often associated with magic. The wizard is holding a staff and a bottle of potion. As for the potion symbols, each one has a unique shape. Bubbles shimmer, it is impossible to look away from them. Even the appearance of these miniature vessels is a pleasure. We can only guess what amazing content they hide. All symbols of this row are framed in round frames.

Low symbols are potion vessels that resemble the four traditional card suits and the lettering of the cards.



Each symbol comes to life on the animated screen. The book generously opens its pages to devote players to the secrets of magic. Sparks of light fly from its pages. The wizard opened the jar of his potion and red smoke bursts out of it. Each bubble starts to move and rotates so as not to repeat the movement of adjacent symbols.


It is said that only the dosage distinguishes poison from medicine. And in this mini-game, players are only one click away from win. Which of the two vessels should you choose? You need to trust your intuition and choose either the black or the red button! The prize is for only one of them.



The paytable has a dark blue background. The design repeats the reels.




The reels are darkened on all greeting screens. A plate with a congratulatory inscription appears in the center. The screen background is the same as the main game background – a black embossed field and a curly frame. The congratulatory text changes depending on the amount of the win.