Slot machine for SALE – “Wild Cats”

Slot machine for SALE – “Wild Cats”



Wild Cats themed Online slot game

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We present to your attention the main interface of the online slot machine “Wild Cats”. This slot machine is made in raster style and is designed for lovers of wild nature and wild animals. The game reels is a field of 5×3 cells, where all the game symbols involved in the game are conveniently located. Winning lines on the game reels are stylistically decorated in the form of leaves.



This background image is the main one and is used in the main game screen, where the entire game process occurs. In addition, this background image can be used as a pop-up screen and transition between the pop-up window and the main game mode.



This dark background image is additional. The game interface is located in the central part of the background image and doesn’t overlap its remaining parts.



Here you can see a set of game symbols specially designed for this online slot game. In this set there are symbols from different categories, including “low”, “middle” and “high” categories. Low symbol category is represented in the form of letters. Middle symbol category is represented in the form of wild animals. High symbol category is represented in the form of letters.






Here is a screen of the bonus game, in which the player receives a notification with a congratulation on awarding him a bonus game.





This screen is a table of rules and payments, in which the player can get acquainted with all the numerical values that are awarded for simultaneously receiving game symbols from the “low” and “medium” categories.



This screen is a table of rules and payouts, in which the player can see all the winning combinations represented as colored lines. If the game symbols appear during the rotation in the desired sequence, the player will receive winning points.