Slot machine for SALE – “Greek Goddesses”

Slot machine for SALE – “Greek Goddesses”




Goddesses Themed online slot game

It is difficult to find a person who would not hear the legendary ancient Greek myths. It is even more difficult, by hearing fascinating stories about the life of the gods, not to dream of visiting Mount Olympus, where amazing myths intersect with reality. In ancient times, mortals were forbidden to approach Olympus. But today immortality and wealth is available not only to the gods, but also to people. Three great goddesses will lead you into the most secret and mysterious nooks of Pantenon. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

This video slot will help you take a break from the hustle and bustle away from your daily worries. The goddesses of Olympus will present many unforgettable minutes. Easy to operate, “Greek Goddesses”, however, are not so simple when it comes to reels. They have non-standard structure. There are six in total, but they are divided into two parts. In the first three there are three lines, while on the rest there are 7 lines, on which, with a successful spin, Athena, Artemis or Aphrodite can grow and fill with itself almost the whole reel. The Reveal button starts the gameplay. The spinning of the reels is made with the settings that are currently set on the toolbar below the reels. All symbols of the slot are stylized in the relevant subjects: the main heroines of the slot machine, card symbols and various items related to the culture of Ancient Greece. The “Wild” symbol is presented in the form of the thunderer Zeus. The universal property of this symbol allows it to replace all kinds of symbols in the formation of a winning combination.



In addition to unearthly beauties, there are symbols and physical attributes that identify them. Each god and goddess have their own domain of power and influence. Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, has a rose, a dove, a mirror. She is the goddess of beauty, happy love and marriage, surpassing all goddesses with charm and grace, so called because it came as if from sea foam. Artemis – moon, deer, bow; Goddess of the moon and hunting, forests, animals, fertility and procreation. Athena – architecture, owl, the head of Medusa. Athena is the goddess of mind, war, science and art. But, in fact, her main specialization is military strategy. The style and graphic design are chic: jewelry accuracy in following the details and atmosphere prevailing on the reels of ancient civilization, competent thematic polishing, colorful characters with their own natures and a predisposition to specific personal behavior. The cult of the goddess of war is not for newbies, you know. Conquer Olympus! Arrange with the goddesses! Not a single mortal has conquered a mountain of gods. All in your hands!

The main background is a place covered with a train of legends and ancient myths. The tops of the mountains, which peaks are drowned in the clouds, give space for imagination.



The terrain is amazingly diverse: here you will be met by rocky peaks, and the waves of the deep sea, and tall trees, and dense forests. The path leading to the stone temple, where, perhaps, the gods are seated, who decide the fate of mankind.



To make your dream come true, just visit the Greek Goddesses at least once! The feminine transmission of beauty and sophistication is perfectly expressed in the sketches. A competent transmission in black and white makes you think about the depth behind the image of representatives of high symbols.


The creation of the final image of high symbols did the trick, creating a warlike and slightly intimidating image. Each goddess has her own special role and performs the function assigned to her. Artemis, dressed in a dress, gold color, with its own attributes: bow and arrow – it gives light and life. Charming Athena is the only goddess who uses masculine attributes: armor and spear. Goddess Aphrodite is depicted as a beautiful woman emerging from sea foam. Her soul was always full of pure and immaculate love.



The excitement never stops, as you discover incredible rewards and gifts! Thanks to the animation, the goddess seems to reign over the whole world. Tall, slender, with delicate facial features, with a soft wave of golden hair, Aphrodite is the personification of divine beauty. When she moves, in the splendor of her beauty against the backdrop of a surging sea wave, then the sun shines brighter. Wise Athena crowned with a golden hoop, with a spear and shield, which depicts a symbol of wisdom – an owl. Artemis is dressed in gold-clad robes, forever young, like a clear day, a beautiful goddess. She is majestic, in short clothes of a hunter. There is no escape from her. If you sacrifice to the goddesses, they will appear in all their splendor with gifts.

greek_goddesses_artemis greek_goddesses_athena greek_goddesses_venus


The wild symbol is presented as the thunderer Zeus. Bright and catchy drawing, attracting attention, inspiring someone fear, someone admiration. Detailing, clear contours make the picture exclusive and natural. Aerial and volumetric image becomes unique, which emphasizes the power of the Wild symbol. Zeus, the father of gods and people, immortals and mortals reigns over the whole world and Olympus. He is the strongest of the gods. Among his attributes is lightning and he is depicted as very warlike.



The sketch in the engraving technique is usually done in one color, which gives it a special highlight. The style is characterized by thin neat lines, linear hatching and play of shadows.


His strength is usually revealed only with his many outbursts of anger, when he angrily sends lightning and thunder to the ground, or punishes criminals and infidels. Or, in our case, when the prize combination lands out. Lightning flies not only from his hands, but the sky sends discharges of electricity. The more you spin, the more you win!



In ancient Greece, the symbolism of objects and phenomena was given great importance. Some symbols became associated with God. The harp is a gift from the gods for the union of heaven and earth, soul and body, art and science. A ring is a symbol of unity that has no beginning or end i.e. infinity. Laurel wreath – a symbol of fame, victory or peace. Sketches have a restrained and strict plot, they also differ in their clear edges. Ready-made symbols are really eye-catching pictures: the plot, the bright gamut of colors are very important. In the animated objects you feel real artistic creativity, in which truly amazing images and stories can be embodied.







The slot game is equipped with various thematic pictures, including symbols of playing cards: from 9 to A, for which a truly unique, individual sketch in the appropriate style was created. The angular forms of the symbols, as if carved from stone, will delight in color and aesthetics, which are distinguished by a well-poished design. Style and graphic design are chic – jewelry work with details and atmosphere, as well as high-quality animation.







Besides the big winning spins, one of the most attractive moments in the slot is how easy it is to play it. Since the gameplay is simple, you can focus on the plots and graphics, as well as the big jackpots and how to win them. Big Win, Mega Win, Gigantic Win – the dream of every self-respecting player. Everyone can play, but to win a truly Colossal or Unbelievable Win is a unique experience. We are sure that you have come to the very place where the gods gather and make decisions on what to do with people further.