Slot machine for SALE – “Aquaboom”

Slot machine for SALE – “Aquaboom”



Ocean Treasures Themed Slot machine

Two thirds of the surface of our planet is covered with oceans. But for a man, a creature, by and large, a land one, the oceans remain a concentration of the unknown, the strange and the mysterious. And what can we say about the wonders of nature, when human civilization during its short history managed to replenish the mysterious map of the seas with sunken cities, ships and their treasures. Precious treasure from the depths of the ocean waters has become a topic for our new slot machine “Aquaboom”. You can purchase this online slot at our store –

Sea Themed online slot machine


Our new online slot game has a very beautiful design. In particular, an excellent bright interface, perhaps even too bright, but it is fully consistent with the spirit of the casino, in which everything should be lit with neon lights and colored with all the colors of the rainbow!  A sparkling blue background reminds us that this is a marine-themed online slot machine. Sea symbols well create the atmosphere of the game:


In this slot machine you will see a lot of beautiful characters that usually decorate the seabed, but here they will decorate our game and bring into it an element of luxury: a mermaid, a treasure chest, a crown, a shell with a pearl, an anchor, a golden key, a crab, sunglasses , the remaining characters – in the form of card letters. The game symbols are perfectly stylized under the sea theme, so this slot machine has a high level of “playability”.



In the picture below you can see the background for the slot machine bonus game. In the background we see the silhouette of a sunken ship and a rock stretching from the ocean:



During the bonus game you will find yourself on the seashore. Big shells will be presented to you as a gift, but you can choose only 3 of them if the bonus game was launched with three bonus symbols. If such characters were 4 or 5, then the size of the prizes increases accordingly: