Dark Thirst


The ancient and terrible vampires rise again from their gloomy dwellings, and rush in searches of fresh blood to the nearby human settlements. Some of them – newly converted ghouls, scary and bloodthirsty, always relying on brute force, ruthless and merciless. Others on the contrary – cleverly disguised as nice people, charming and inviting their intellect and extraordinary charisma. That’s only goal, which pursued by both of them, is absolutely identical – to dry a human completely, to rid it of vitality and energy, and to deprive the warm blood.

Many residents in panic are leaving their modest abode, and try to flee, but not everyone can finish the thing and reach a safe place. We invite you to play our new slot game machine “Dark Thirst”, new slot machine design made in vector style and emphasize the vampire theme. You have to get used to the role of the ruthless destroyer of evil and come out on the warpath against the bloodthirsty monsters. Arm yourself with holy water, garlic potions and a holy prayer book, and also don’t forget about aspen stakes and a silver weapon, because in the battle with the monsters alone, is not enough only prayers. Wait until dawn, when the dark forces fall into a stupor before the sunlight, and get in close to their dark mounds. Do not regret your forces and weapons, and by the evening there will be no one living vampire.

Civilians will be able to finally sleep in peace, and your worthy reward will be waiting for you at the appointed place. Keep calm and don’t forget the secret password.




Game reels
Graphic design of the game reels, symbols, labels and buttons of navigation in the game world of the slot machine. The stronger the vampire, the greater the reward for his head. Get the way to wealth by exterminating monsters!


Here you can see animations of High symbols for the slot machine.

High symbol – Wild

High symbol – Vampire girl

High symbol – Chops

High symbol – Scatter


Development of preliminary sketches of gaming symbols for the slot machine.


Here you can see a sketch version of the game symbols, such as “Dracula”, “Vampire”, “Garlick potion”, “Spell book” and many others.


Here you can see animations of Regular symbols for the slot machine.

Regular symbol – Magic potion

Regular symbol – Bible

Regular symbol – Garlic potion

Regular symbol – Headstone


Game symbols
Graphic design of the final versions of game symbols.
Check out the most dangerous enemies and pick up the most appropriate equipment to fight with them.


Here you can see animations of Low symbols for the slot machine.

Low symbol – A

Low symbol – K

Low symbol – Q

Low symbol – J


Bonus screen
This screen displays the most important information for you – options of bonus levels as well as winnings received during the passage of bonus levels.




Pay table
Check out the rules of the game and the pay table.
So, you will be aware – getting of which symbols and which quantity of them will bring you the greatest win.





Here you can see a pay table with a winning combination of symbols.




Final version of the background image for the slot machine.