How do Online Casinos ensure the safety of clients funds?

How do Online Casinos ensure the safety of clients funds?


Many gamblers still don’t want to become clients of online casinos due to the uncertainty that their funds will be safe. Indeed, this is a very serious matter. We will try to provide in sufficient detail and accessibility information on how the security of accounts and personal information of online casino clients is ensured, so that readers can independently decide whether this protection is reliable enough.

The security issue of making deposits, storing them and withdrawing winnings from Casinos has always been and remains almost the most important in online gambling. After all, if Online Casinos couldn’t guarantee that the money of the players wouldn’t disappear anywhere, there could be no question of any trust in them. In recent years, casinos have advanced so much in this matter that it is currently incredibly difficult to steal player’s funds.


Server protection


First of all, all the important data regarding the accounts and personal data of the players are stored on the casino servers, which are protected by the best specialists. Access to servers is available only to a few employees from senior management. But even their logins are strictly monitored and recorded by the security service, which conducts round-the-clock monitoring of the servers.


Transmission Data Protection


If the protection of information at this level is clear enough, the issue of security when transferring funds over the Internet remains open to many. Indeed, it is possible to intercept such information, but fraudsters will not be able to use it. The fact is that it is transmitted in encoded form, and only employees with a special access level can decrypt it. These protocols are called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and are regularly updated, which increases the reliability of information security.


Independent Agencies


To confirm their high level, online casinos are invited by independent agencies that conduct audits and issue certificates of compliance with safety requirements. Verisign and Thawte are considered the most well-known companies that practice testing security systems of virtual casinos and issuing their certificates. In fact, Thawte is owned by Verisign, however, they operate independently of each other. The certificates issued by them serve as the best confirmation that in this casino all user data is protected at the highest level.


Thawte SSL Certificate


Thawte’s SSL certificate is one of the most respected online gambling. This is not surprising, because this company was founded more than fifteen years ago and during its work issued almost a million certificates in more than two hundred and forty countries of the world. She works in various fields of activity, including data protection on credit cards and bank accounts of online casino players. Overall, Thawte serves about 40% of the entire market.

Thawte SSL certificate is a code that is stored on the casino server, which guarantees the security of data transmission over the Internet. When you log in to a casino site from a web browser, this certificate provides an encrypted connection.

There are three levels of SSL certification in total. All of them work with most popular browsers, however, they provide various levels of identification. The most advanced and reliable is the third level, and it is recommended for online casinos. In addition to printing Thawte, at the third level of casino certification, a company icon is also given, which, when entering the site, paints the browser address bar in green and displays the name of the organization.


Thanks to this, players are more likely to trust such an Online Сasino.