The most important thing about Chance in Gambling

The most important thing about Chance in Gambling


Most of the players that mathematics helps to win in gambling, but not all regular customers of the casino bother themselves with a deep study of this complex science. The average user can do without mathematical formulas, complex calculations and statistics. And it is hardly worth blaming the player for laziness or ignorance.

Information on the theoretical return and the superiority of the institution is provided by software developers. The basic strategies for most varieties of blackjack, poker and video poker can be found on the Internet. Armed with expert advice, even a person who is infinitely far from mathematics can win in a casino. If we are talking about online gambling, you can, in extreme cases, use cheat sheets.

However, professional players still recommend to understand at least the basic mathematical terms and concepts that are widely used in gambling. This article is about probability in casino games. We will try as much as possible, practically at the level of a housewife, to convey to our readers the most important information, sorting it out on concrete examples.


What is the Сhance?

It is important to understand the basics. Let’s start with the main term: Chance – an assessment of the possibility of the onset of an event. In other words, this is an attempt to establish how high the chances are that this event will happen.

In probability theory, this indicator is expressed as a number from zero to one:

  • If an event never happens, its probability is zero;
  • If it is guaranteed to happen, its probability is one.

Mathematicians adhere to this method, but ordinary users in ordinary life can use other ways of expressing probability. They are described below.


How to calculate the Chance of an event in a gamble?

To an unprepared person this task may seem incredibly difficult, but in simple situations the calculations will not cause difficulties.

The standard formula is as follows: The probability is equal to the number of favorable outcomes divided by the total number of possible options. Let us analyze it with an elementary example. You flip a coin while playing an old-fashioned game called heads or tails. There are two possible outcomes. The positive option is one. Divide one into two and get 0.5 (or 50%). This is the likelihood of victory in this popular gambling game.

Probability in slot machines

It is impossible to calculate the probability in slots on your own due to lack of information. For example, you do not know how often icons appear on the reels. You can study the payout table, find out the data on RTP, but nothing more. Next, you need the help of a software developer. In fairness, it should be noted that some providers publish in the public domain information on the frequency of occurrence of symbols, the frequency of formation of combinations and other technical characteristics of slot machines.

This is informative, but it is difficult to say how the average visitor of an online casino to use this data in practice. They won’t help to win. However, such fans, as a rule, are not interested in ordinary video slot fans.



Probability theory is applicable in many aspects of gambling. Software developers for online casinos use it when they create new games. Professional players can’t do without it when they think through strategies. However, do not exaggerate its significance for the average casino visitor. The possibilities of probability theory in casinos are not unlimited. It will not help you beat roulette or defeat a slot machine.