Features of online slot machines

Features of online slot machines


In most cases, playing classic slot machines and video slots is not difficult even for novice casino customers, not to mention experienced users. But sometimes the creators of online games of this genre hit the extreme with creativity (or, perhaps, just cunning), which can lead to misunderstandings and confusion. And since we are talking about gambling and real money at stake, this is unacceptable.

We hope this publication will help you better understand this type of gambling, and will also help to avoid unnecessary mistakes.



Money transfer

On this point, we must immediately highlight one important difference in video slots. It is about the presence / absence of a risky game according to the odds, in which the user can try to increase the calculated payment. If there is no such round, the money is immediately transferred to the account. If it is, the client, upon completion of the spin, must decide whether to take part in it or take the money. Normally, you need to press one of the two buttons.

Many of our readers never play for doubling, so they can be annoyed by the need to make such a choice every time. Fortunately, many manufacturers give the option to disable this option in the settings.

In some models of individual developers, the money won is transferred to the main account for a rather long time. At the same time, if you press the start button of the next drawing, the transfer will be completed instantly. It is interesting that a new spin can start automatically at the same rate.

Keep this in mind. However, most modern models do not have such a dirtytrick.



Select active lines

If the slot machine is allowed to change the number of lines involved (this option is not always offered), you can do it using special elements on the panel.

The least convenient way that individual brands offer is the presence of a single button. Each click on it adds one line.

 A more comfortable system involves the presence of several buttons with pre-set numbers (for example, 1, 5, 10 and so on).

Even more advanced systems make it possible to open a pop-up window in which you can immediately select both the line and the bet.

The situation is simplified if you play the maximum number of available bands. They can usually be activated by clicking on a special button (usually called Max Bet or Bet Max).



Select a bid

At this point, we will not talk about how to choose an adequate rate based on our financial capabilities. Other publications on Casinoz.me are devoted to this topic. And here we will discuss unusual features of the system of choosing the right bid, because many manufacturers are very creative in this matter.

The easiest way is when the player directly in monetary units chooses the amount he puts on the round or on one active line. We hope the difference, you understand. The second option is the most common. Usually it is used, even if it is not allowed to change the number of lines involved.

  But some developers offer to bet right away on the spin. In this case, it is not always possible to calculate what amount is taken on the line. Convenient or not, decide for yourself.

There are also games in which you need to specify the size of the bet for two or even ten lines. This is a rather rare approach, but you should know about its existence, so as not to get into trouble if you get such a slot.

It seems to us that the most preferable option is the choice of all options: the number of lines, the bet on the line in coins and the denomination of coins. It’s good if you can change them with any step, not just the preset steps.



Cumulative Jackpots

In modern slot machines, there may be one or more progressive jackpots. Their sums are accumulated by deducting a small part of each bet made by real money. Of course, you can win it only in real mode. Moreover, many manufacturers do not even allow to test such models in the free version.

Drawing can be made in different ways. A variant in which it is necessary, when playing the maximum number of coins, is to be collected on the active line (any or some separately taken) the indicated combination. For example, it could be a string of five Wild symbols.

 Also often progressive jackpots are played in an extra round. In slots with multiple cumulative amounts, you may be offered to choose at random items in the table that appears on a separate screen. By collecting the specified number of identical images, you will receive the corresponding jackpot.

Sometimes jackpots are played out randomly without the active participation of the client. That is, you just need to play in a certain range of bets. If the random number generator will be “supportive” for you, you will become the owner of the amount being played.