Doubts aside: myths about online casinos

Doubts aside: myths about online casinos


In the 19th century, gambling was an entertainment for a narrow circle. At the beginning of the 20th century, gambling was also a niche phenomenon, although already more common. Well, with the advent of the era of online casinos, the boundaries have been erased almost completely, and anyone can play for money. Bonuses, minimum deposits for penny bets, various gaming halls – all these features of modern virtual casinos beckon you to try yourself in playing slot machines. However, among newcomers to the world of excitement, there are many myths that discourage them from playing. Most of them, meanwhile, are unfounded. What myths about online casinos should be debunked in the first place?



Casino hits me up for money

“Beginners” often fear that the money from their game balance will never get to their card. Like, the casino will simply take it and close, and they will be left with nothing. If you have such doubts, then you have nothing to fear, you just have to give preference to a casino with a license. The owners of such establishments are legally responsible to the licensee country and cannot fail to fulfill their obligations to users. In particular, in order to obtain a license, the casino must provide a bank statement in order to confirm that its owners have sufficient financial cushion to pay the issue.

Well, in what cases can you really lose your winnings, so this is in case of violations of the rules of the casino. Institutions reserve the right to void winnings in case of abuse. However, it is enough just not to break them and everything will be fine. As a rule, they come down to the elementary principle “do not create repeated accounts, so as not to be equated with an abuser of the bonus policy.”



My data is not safe?

Most online casinos will ask you to provide full ID details. And here, somehow, the suspicion creeps in by itself that this data can be transferred to third-party organizations, some government agencies, or even “take out loans in someone else’s name”. The same applies to credit card information.

However, there is nothing to fear. Casino employees who have access to your data are responsible for non-disclosure of this data and adhere to the prohibition of their further transfer to anyone. Well, the data itself is needed to ensure the correct operation of the casino system.




Casino “tightens up” results

But this myth is partly true. However, external influence on the results of the game is never found in a licensed casino, and this is another reason to choose such establishments. Licensed casinos provide slots for playing with the original mathematics of the manufacturers, and the result of each of your games comes from the response of the manufacturer’s server. A special mechanism called a random number generator (RNG) is responsible for generating successful or unsuccessful results, and it cannot be influenced.