Trends in marketing and branding online casinos in 2017

Trends in marketing and branding online casinos in 2017


CASEXE offers to get acquainted with the main trends in marketing and branding online and land-based casinos in the coming year, given in this report.


New trend: users prefer online casino video

The popularity of video content is growing, gradually displacing the pedestal leaders – photos and text. According to statistics for May 2016, prefer watching videos 11.4% of users, photo – 10.6%, hyperlinks – 9.3%, status updates – 5.1%. In the long term growth trend of the popularity of the video will prevail.

Marketing trends 2016-2017gg: the most promising advertising platform

Investments in advertising land and online casinos are almost equal. Such media like television, newspapers, magazines gradually hand over positions. The statistics are relentless, one-fourth of his time users spend online casino to work through mobile devices.

The proportion of users of social networking site Facebook has been growing, the number of smartphone owners, which makes advertising on this site the most promising. Players who prefer the entrance to the gambling resource with applications for mobile devices is increasing exponentially. Investments in online advertising and mobile casino «Facebook» type of application for advertisers are most preferred, because social network allows the operator to adjust to the interests of their target audience. You do not know where to walk and what your client likes, but Facebook- knows. Thus, the advertiser exactly known preferences and preferences of visitors.





Mobile apps – the trend of the future

mobile application traffic type «Periscope» grows, the availability of content for users of mobile devices are gradually occupies a priority position. Most mobile applications focused on communication (social networks, online services, broadcasts, etc.) try to meet the high bar of functionality not only for entertainment but also for advertising:

– Clock technical support contributes to the loyalty of visitors;

– Quick launch of new products with the obligatory announcement;

– Conducting online events, tournaments with substantial prizes;

– New interview format;

– Product Placement with the study reviews the opinion leaders; online casino video stream encourages the lucky customers who readily spread on the resource recording his victories in real time. Such records increase the influx of visitors and help retain loyal customers.


Basic branding trends in 2017

Previously we have seen in the short-term fashion brands that have relied on the involvement and understanding of the needs of the players, can use ironic slogans, acted thoughtfully and humanely. However, very quickly the trend has changed, brands retreated from the original line and rolled to cheap tricks that do not match reality. Advertising has become aggressive in pursuit of a buyer on the heels.

Faced with the negative consequences of such advertising, the person wants to 2016-2017 years to get a product that is not a quality infomercial promise mountains of gold, but it is not at odds with reality. The brand, with the understanding relating to consumer advocates personal values of its target audience. These brands comply with the following qualities:

– Loyalty to the player;

– Ownership and understanding of the needs;

– Persistence and insistence, unobtrusive client boost to the improvement in the aspects of for it (this may be his inner moral values, and his ability to play poker, for example).

Research the target audience


For a better understanding of the target audience needs land and online casinos spend depth market research, including drawing up a collective image of the typical consumer of gambling services.

This image is based on many different factors: age, gender, income level, preference used by the device, the amount of time and money spent on the game; and – the tastes, habits and attitude to life, moral and material values. Combination of factors helps to draw a universal type player and a promotional offer to address specific client.

Emphasis should be placed on a future audience – the younger generation, which after some time will replace older users. The typical consumer of the future of online casino services:

– Loves to travel, to seek to understand the world;

– Is able to perform multiple tasks at the same time;

– Create your perfect image of the network;

– Prefer the convenience and protect their freedom;

– I do not like being manipulated and puts restrictions;

– When selecting entertainment, goods and services favors fashion trends;

– It reflects long before they make a particular choice.

In the coming years will be the main audience of young people, which will be addressed to the advertising and brand positioning of the online and offline casinos.

Popular branding techniques in 2017


Now there was a tendency in the creation of extraordinary advertising, teetering on the brink of failure. This video can not be ignored. It does not matter what emotions it causes, the main thing – it is able to attract attention, to remember and reach out to the consumer. In 2017, the use of such methods of advertising will reach a new level.

At the long attracted celebrities as engine advertising. A familiar face, inviting potential client in the online casino – known trend, not losing popularity. Stars become the face of the brand and the client associates gambling establishment with a specific individual, feeling involvement in a strange glory.

Mankind has become the global consumer community, and wants to get a lot here at once. Not for nothing the shelves of goods flooded the products 3-in-1 and sets certain goods in miniature – the buyer will be able to try several brands for little money. Schering and smart living to the forefront of modern branding, and should take into account trends in the consumer market in the context of the promotion of online casinos. A similar trend is easy to move in the sphere of online gambling.