Bingo – what is this game and why is it considered a classic of gambling?

Bingo – what is this game and why is it considered a classic of gambling?


Despite the huge variety of online games, Bingo remains one of the most popular entertainment. There are many variations of it, and each has its own characteristics.

History of Bingo

This game is interesting to many users. Often it is called the ancestor of the lottery, and it is really. If we talk about the rules, the player just needs to assemble a combination of random numbers, shouting «Bingo!». But this is the oldest version, and played it even on the streets of the city, gathering in groups. Such entertainment begins in the 16th century, it was invented in Italy. After a few centuries, bingo appeared in France, but under the name Le Lotto. In Germany, it was made more mathematical and logical. In the United States, bingo became popular in the 20th century, and is still one of the most popular forms of entertainment. It also received many variations.



Popular types of Bingo


The most popular is classical bingo, which uses 75 balls. But you need to remember that the number of balls affects the results of the game – the fewer they are, the faster you can fold the combinations. In non-classical varieties different number of balls is used, and cards can have other combinations, provide a certain interaction of players.

  • Quite popular is the game Bingo with 30 balls, which provides quite short rounds and with small cards.
  • In a variation of Bingo with 90 balls, 3-by-5 cards are used, where the player needs to make a series and collect a full map.
  • In the game Bingo with 80 balls apply cards 4 to 4, rounds are long enough and all variations of lines work. There are also exotic combinations that many users like.




Custom Bingo Variations


In addition to the previous versions, there are other types of games that are quite interesting.

  • U-Pick-Em. In this variant, players choose their own numbers and compare them with the necessary combinations, which is a bit like keno.
  • Deadly bingo. Despite such a tough name, the game provides an inverted way. That is, the player should not match the combination, and the matches themselves last long enough.
  • Bonanza. The game looks like a classic 75-ball bingo, but here the user first gets 43 numbers.
  • Blackout. In such a variation you need to close all cells. Therefore, the process itself can be very long.
  • Mathematical bingo. This game allows you to even develop your mathematical knowledge – so, the player will solve various formulas.

There are other kinds of bingo that many users like. Such games attract attention with their variety. In addition, despite their old origins, they remain quite popular.