Wild Hogs





Bikers Themed slot machine

What do you know about bikers? Are they formidable and evil individuals that are worth fearing, or is it a community of interests, where everyone belongs to a certain class, but they have one interest – stories? Are bikers beer party-goers in tattoos who like to spend time with friends in a bar, playing billiards, or are they a group of people from whom you should not expect a threat?

The Wild Hogs slot is made really cool, here you can feel the power, spirit, love of freedom of bikers, their love for motorcycles. These are exactly those who are united by the concept of “steel horse”. All life is on a bike, all parties are on bikes.

Stunning rendering of the slot, magnificent 3D graphics, an abundance of various elements, creative animation – this and much more allow you to fully immerse yourself in the game, feel the free spirit and love of life of wild biker pigs, even merge with them, making bets and winning at the same time.

Above, on the first image, there is the Wild Hogs slot reel on the main background of the game. It is made in a completely biker style, with a metal decor around the perimeter – with motorcycle elements, with big red letters at the top of the reel, a control panel with steel navigation buttons and cells at the bottom on a red background, as well as a round steel SPIN button. The reel accommodates three columns of three game symbols.

The animation of the game starts from the main background of the slot, where the wild pigs-bikers, represented in the background of the bar, come to life, they are on started bikes, ready to ride. The reel shows the variants of symbols, their combinations, highlighted with sparkling ones. The animation ends with a biker pig with his back to the player on a motorcycle, white smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe, and a speedometer in the foreground, which shows the change in speed when the pig thrusts:


Sketch of the Wild Hogs slot reel in black and white. The slot reel is presented on the background of a bar somewhere in the desert, surrounded by a fence, in which a gate with a flag is open, a wooden advertisement with a picture of a biker pig hangs in front of the bar, as well as two round wooden elements with an image of wrenches and an exhaust pipe and foam beer on the fence in a circle. There is also a drawn slot reel in b/w with a name, motorcycle elements, and a control panel.



Color drawing of the Wild Hogs slot reel. On the background, a bar fenced with a gate with a flag is presented in wood, in front of the bar there is a wooden advertisement depicting a biker pig, as well as a round wooden element with an image of wrenches and an exhaust pipe on the fence. There is also a drawn slot reel with the name in red letters, steel elements of motorcycles, and a control panel.



The background of the slot on the evening theme at sunset. The sky is acquiring red-yellow shades of clouds against the blue sky, and the lights around the bar are already lit. The name of the bar is clearly visible – “Born to Ride”, as well as the very sign of the bar. On the sand there are traces of the treads of the tires of the milkcycles. In the middle of the slot reel there is a background with a slightly cracked road surface.



“Night” background of Wild Hogs slot. The sky is dark, the bar is brightly illuminated by external light from bulbs around the perimeter. There is also a light in the windows reflecting on the sand by the bar.



Animation of the background with biker pigs. They are on motorcycles. Every biker on a motorcycle, they are ready to ride. The pigs are waving their hands one after another, their chest and arms are painted with tattoos, they are in leather vests, with chains, in leather pants. One straightens his helmet, the second in a bandana with a grin on his face, the third with a “mohawk” on his head, the fourth in a biker hat. Everyone is doing a trick on a motorcycle using the rear wheel.


On the main background of the slot, these games, four bikers lined up in one row. They are on motorcycles, ready to ride. In this animation, you can see that the bikes are running. Two bikers on the sides perform maneuvers on motorcycles, two bikers in the middle make a hand gesture that they are cool, invincible and ready to ride.


And here is a biker on a motorcycle, standing near a glowing traffic light, turned backwards. To his right is a bar called Wild Hogs. A biker in a leather vest, a large steel chain around his neck, he makes semi-revolving maneuvers on the spot, gasping, white smoke appears from the exhaust pipes every time. The motorcycle and the pig are rendered in 3D graphics. Also visible in the foreground of the animated image are motorcycle tires stacked on top of each other, and tire tread marks on the road.


Animation of a round steel speedometer with the name Wild Hogs in gold letters on it. There are also numbers from 0 to 8 with a blue arrow that changes position when the pig thrusts on the motorcycle.


Below is a sketch of all the slot symbols. These are BAR single, double and triple. Also here are such symbols as skulls, cubes, three sevens, a steel element ADD TAB, billiard balls, a speedometer called RUNOUT BONUS. Also here are such symbols as Instant Win – a pig skull with fangs, Extended Play – a formidable pig with glasses, More extended plays – two angry rival bikers, pig bikers on motorcycles with the Wild Hogs signature, as well as a part of a motorcycle with a steering wheel. headlamp and mirrors and the Wild Hogs lettering.


Here are the symbols in color. The bars are made in steel frames with figured elements in gold, and the inscriptions are imitation of motorcycle elements. There are steel skulls with red glowing eyes, steel figured three sevens, metal cubes against the background of a flame of fire. Steel element with added gold and blue “ADD TAB” inscription, colored billiard balls, metal speedometer made of light and dark steel, with figured elements, gilded hand, gold numerals, as well as turquoise and curly letters of the name RUNOUT BONUS. A blue-steel round symbol with a gilded name “Instant win” – a steel skull of a pig with fangs, a round steel skull imitating bronze a formidable pig in glasses with green letters the inscriptions “Extended play”, “More extended plays” in gold letters on a round symbol with chains two angry rival bikers, pig bikers on motorcycles with the signature Wild Hogs, as well as a part of the motorcycle with a steering wheel, headlight and mirrors and the inscription Wild Hogs, where instead of “0” there is a pig’s face.



Animation of symbols. Three sevens diverge to the sides, reflecting the overflow of light diagonally, the double BAR words one after the other rhythmically increase and decrease in a frame that flickers gold around the perimeter, the steel ADD TAB element smoothly shimmers diagonally while moving, the triple BAR, increasing the words, shines gold and its frame shimmers gold. “RUNOUT BONUS” – increases at the time of the animation, and the names diverge up and down from the center, the speedometer shimmers beautifully in a circle. The balls bounce, gleaming, the symbol of the front of the Wild Hogs motorcycle burns with fire in both directions, a chain scrolls around the extended play symbol during the animation, the cubes bounce against each other against the background of a flickering fire flame, a single BAR symbol shimmers in gold and flickers at the moment of animation , skulls in the process of movement light up fiery red eyes, mouth and leaves illuminate, the symbol “more extended plays” – its two parts open and a bright glow appears in the middle, which collapses sharply by these parts, creating a powerful push, and the letters shimmer in motion gold, and “instant win” is a steel skull, whose eyes and nostrils glow red, the steel element around the symbol scrolls with periodic flickering and the letters are highlighted in bright yellow.


Here is a sketch of rounded motorcycle exhaust pipes with a free spins count, in this case “12” in the middle, and a center piece in the center.


This screen shows a 3D model of the tailpipes of a motorcycle in maroon color with a center piece.