On the gaming reels, each detail is carefully designed. Everything is dedicated to Scandinavian mythology. The symbols of the game field are Thor himself, his constant hammer, the monstrous wolf Fenrir, the Drakkars and Viking axes, the world of the Asgard gods. Not only symbols are worthy of attention, but also even the frame of the reels. Below, in the center, we see Valknut or the Knot of the Chosen. Three triangles, intertwined, can be often be found on frescoes and ritual stones. Perhaps, this symbol-amulet will become a good sign for players. Right here, on the frame, the image of the eagle is repeated. In Scandinavian mythology, it is the eagle that symbolizes power and personifies the supreme god Odin.



The sketch of the game background depicts Asgard – the world of high gods. Swirling clouds and a magnificent entrance leave no doubt that this is the land of celestials.



Final version of the game background has two versions, for day and night modes. In the first version, Asgad is drawn in rich colors. The buildings shine with gold, the water in the waterfalls is bright blue, the greenery around the City of Heaven is juicy green color. Pinkish clouds stand out against the sky and create a halo of supernatural.



In the second version of the background, we see a bright comet in the night sky. It hints at the upcoming events that are about to begin. A radiance emanates from Asgard. The greatness of the Heavenly City doesn’t fade in the night.



The sketches of High symbols are images of Thor, his hammer and Asgard. Each symbol is decorated of Celtic script along the edge. This adds color and enhances the immersion into the atmosphere of the game.



Polished High symbols images reveal more details. It was no accident that a rainbow shone over Asgard. In mythology, the rainbow was considered the bridge that connects Asgard and Midgard – the worlds of gods and people. If the gods showed people a rainbow, it was a very good sign. So in the game – Asgard with a rainbow bridge – this is a Bonus symbol.



The power of Thor is especially visible in animated images. Everything  around shudders from the blow of Mjolnir. It not only carves sparks, but also glows with a magical pink glow. The gnomes who made the hammer for Thor were very powerful. No doubt they endowed Mjolnir with their spells.



Since Thor took care of Midgard, there is also a demonstration of the world of people in the sketches of regular symbols. First of all, the most beautiful dragcar. For regular symbols, battle axes, a horn and the mythical wolf Fenrir are also depicted.



The color image shows how furious Fenrir is. Not in vain did the gods decide to get rid of him. Eyes shine like two bright yellow lights. The wool on the scruff of his neck heaved, and the claws inspire fear. According to the prediction, in Ragnarok, the day of the fall of the gods and people, it is Fenrir who will converge in a duel with Odin. Will the huge wolf kill the supreme god? According to the same prediction, the guardian of the gods will blow a loud horn and call the aces to fight for their world. This horn is right there among the symbols. It is as if opposed to a wolf.



The theme of battles can be traced in the animation of symbols. Battle axes rotate at lightning speed, and the runes on the shield shine with gold. Other shields shimmer aboard the drakkar. The dragon’s head, carved on the bow of the ship, is designed to scare off sea monsters. But the shields are symbols of protection from real opponents who are ready to fight warlike sailors.

The wolf impatiently beats its clawed paw. And in its image you can recognize another hero of Scandinavian mythology – the huge dog Harma. This monster is the guardian of the underworld. If you believe the prediction, in Ragnarok and he will attack the aces. Moreover, in some interpretations, Fenrir and Harma are combined. So without such a bright character, the game just can not do.



Low symbols – classic card symbols. The letters and numbers are made in the style as close as possible to the Scandinavian culture.



Each symbol has its own color. All of them are decorated with Celtic script.



In the animated version the symbols shimmer with a white glow.