Slot machine for SALE – “White Snow”

Slot machine for SALE – “White Snow”



White Snow Themed online slot game

The image of Snow White from the famous Walt Disney cartoon is more than a fairy tale. The story of Snow White is the story of the victory and triumph of its creator. Perhaps not everyone knows that Disney’s rise to fame began with the creation of this fragile princess in a blue and yellow dress. Back in 1937, Disney ventured into a daring experiment. The artist decided to create the first feature-length cartoon in history and put everything he had on the line. In those years, his idea looked absolutely fantastic. All the louder was the success that Snow White received as a result, and with it the creator. With a cute young princess, the revolution in the world of animated films began. Today, the charming Snow White and the seven cheerful dwarfs evoke fond memories and help us escape from the routine of everyday life. If you are interested in our new product, you can purchase it at our store –


Above, The design of the game reels fully corresponds to the fairy-tale theme. On the daytime reels version, a blossoming forest glade can be seen behind the game reel. The masonry on the bottom of the reels and the light wooden planks of the background are associated with the forest house in which Snow White escaped from the evil witch. The red ribbon on which the name of the slot was placed, is decorated with flowers and butterflies. As we remember, Snow White charmed all forest dwellers. Flowers always bloomed around her and the joyful chirping of birds was heard.

Another version of the game reels is decorated in darker colors. Here, instead of pinkish light boards, mahogany serves as a background. Behind the reels you can see the room of the forest hut.




The first version of the game background opens up a living room in the gnome house for the players. It was this room that Snow White cleaned with such care when she first saw the house in the meadow. Here she found not only salvation, but also reliable friends. It is no coincidence that there is a chair near the window, and a large red apple lies on it . We see a reference to a watershed moment in the whole story. The evil witch managed to poison the cute Snow White. But, as you know, the fairy tale has a happy ending! The same happens in the game: if you are unlucky right away, luck may smile later. The main thing is not to stop and believe in the best.



The second version of the game background is a fairy glade in front of the gnome house. Here Snow White sang so merrily and danced with the dwarfs. This picture emanates calmness: a waterfall murmurs, flowers bloom with a bright carpet, and trees give a pleasant shade. The house looks like that very cozy place where it is so good to return in the evening and enjoy your rest.



High symbols are dedicated to Snow White herself and her story of salvation. Bonus symbol – a portrait of Snow White. We see a young princess wearing a crown. Her dark curls frame a delicate face. The story of the girl’s name immediately comes to mind: her skin, in contrast to the dark hair, really looks snow-white. Wild symbol – an image of Snow White in a crystal coffin. After the evil witch poisoned the girl, the dwarves could not come to terms with the loss of their sweet friend. They put the princess in a crystal coffin. So the girl looks asleep and as if waiting for a miraculous salvation. And salvation comes with a handsome prince! One of the symbols is dedicated to Snow White’s fiancé, Prince Ferdinand. After the disappearance of his beloved, he is looking for her everywhere. As soon as the prince found out about the girl in the crystal coffin, he went to see if Snow White was lying there. And, of course, recognizing his bride, Ferdinand kissed her and removed the curse.

And the Scatter symbol is the very hut in which a significant part of the events took place. Who knows what the fate of the princess would have been if a lucky chance had not brought her to the house of the dwarfs? All High symbols are decorated with a square frame and decorated with flowers.

Regular symbols are not without characters who played their important role in the fairy tale. We see two dwarfs – Grumpy and Merry. They seem to tell us that all events are exactly the way we want them to be. Remember, cheerful optimist Veselchak saw only good in everything. Whereas Grunt, on the contrary, was constantly unhappy. Without these two, it is impossible to imagine a family of gnomes! Is it possible to ignore the witch queen? Of course not. Cruel and narcissistic, she was never able to outshine the young, modest Snow White. And, of course, one of the symbols is dedicated to the dress of the little princess. This is one of the most famous fairy-tale outfits! A fluffy yellow skirt, a blue corset and sleeves with red inserts – in such dresses little girls are reincarnated as Snow White today.

Low symbols – important details of the tale. Here is a talking mirror, from which the evil queen loved to ask if she was the most beautiful in the world. Here is a juicy red apple that Snow White could not resist. It looks so appetizing in the picture that you want to bite off a piece. Here is a hairpin-comb, with which the witch tried to poison Snow White, but she was saved by the faithful dwarfs. But the shoes on steaming coals symbolize the death of the witch queen. In the original story, the witch was punished for trying to kill Snow White. She had to dance at a wedding in red-hot shoes. In the cartoon, the ending is slightly changed, but the image of the shoes still symbolizes the final victory of Snow White.



Animated symbols add a sense of reality to the game. In High symbols, Snow White’s strands sway gently with every head movement. Birds fly above a crystal coffin, and the bunny seems to be trying to look at Snow White. Smoke comes from the chimney of the house. Lights come on in the windows and in general a feeling of warmth is created.  The prince winks, assuring us that everything will end well.


In Regular symbols Grumpy, as always, expresses his displeasure. It looks like even a small butterfly annoys him. But Happy giggles happily. The queen shows off her real face and turns from a beauty into an evil old woman. Snow White’s dress sways and you can see how beautifully pleats on the skirt move.


In Low symbols, you can see how a slice of a poisoned apple disappears after Snow White has bitten it off. Poisonous greed glows with predatory sparks. A magical image appears in the mirror, the coals under the shoes are smoking, announcing the death of the witch.


Pay tables are similar in design to a game frame. The screen is also decorated on light-colored rosewood boards.


The buttons for switching between screens are made in the form of red apples.


Congratulatory screens are decorated on the same light boards. The main focus is on a red ribbon with flowers and butterflies. There is a welcome inscription on it.


The OK button is designed as a magic mirror.