Slot machine for SALE – “Sushi Party”

Slot machine for SALE – “Sushi Party”



Sushi Themed online slot game

This Sushi Party slot is dedicated to lovers of sushi and rolls. Stunning graphics, bright colors, exceptionally clear and cool style that takes our subconscious into a Japanese-style room, you really get involved in the game and involuntarily start to feel like you are in a sushi bar. What’s even cooler is that in addition to having such a delicious game, you can try your luck and win. So go ahead. Who knows, maybe your favorite food will bring you a bunch of gold coins? If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The game reel  is visually divided into five vertical columns, in which various symbols of all categories are presented. Above is the main background of a sushi bar with a girl at the table in the process of eating. We also see a rectangular cell with the Jackpot and the amount. At the bottom of the reel there is a control panel with cells indicating the amount, game, line, as well as a large square brown SPIN button. The main screen with the winning line on the reel and winning in golden numbers is shown next to it.



Special symbols. These symbols belong to the highest category, they occupy three cells of the reel in height, they are presented in the form of a cone made of nori sheets with rice, salmon, shrimp, cucumbers, avocado and wasabi. All ingredients are presented in bright colors, very understandable to the eye and lovers of Japanese cuisine.


The symbol of the Hiigh category – WILD with a white Japanese cat – Maneki-neko, in other words “Cat of Happiness” with a raised paw and hieroglyphs on the tummy. It is presented on a yellow background in a square red frame. And the bottom row – three symbols of the highest category, where sushi with rice and octopus, sushi with salmon, roll with nori and red caviar are presented in square frames made of Chinese wooden sticks.


Regular symbols are presented in the form of a roll of rice, nori with salmon, a roll with rice and sesame seeds with salmon and cheese, as well as sushi with rice and tuna.


Another row of four symbols of the category Low, which are presented in the form of four letters: A, K, Q, J in red, green, blue and black, respectively, in the Chinese style, which are complemented by sakura flowers.


On the first part of this screen, just above the reel, there is a winning opportunity – Bonus tips, where below there are winnings in green numbers, and on a wooden sushi tray there are gold coins and paper money. On the second, there is an inscription – SUSHI PARTY and there is a description of how to get three big rolls for Bonus tips, in the middle there are three big rolls, and below is a signature about five jackpot wins. Below are the numbers and navigation pointers.


On the pop-up we can see the inscription “5 of a kind” feature on the background of a beige rectangular background with a neon tint.

Big win pop-up. It is represented in a large orange circle with an inscription in black letters, and below – the winning amount in large blue numbers.


Jackpot pop-up. It is presented on the main background of the reel. The jackpot is presented as a beige rectangular background with a neon tint, and below is the winning amount in large lettuce-colored numbers.


Paytable. It is presented on a wooden background. At the top right – a red cross, in the middle – Paytable in gold letters in Chinese styled font. Here is a symbol of the highest category – Lucky Cat WILD, next to which there is an explanation: Wild replaces any other symbol on the line, except SCATTER and BONUS. Below are the large rolls, near which there is a quantitative value and next to a winning combination. Below, in a rectangular gray box, there are yellow navigation arrows and four page numbers.

The next PAYTABLE with symbols of the category High: sushi and rolls. They are also presented with a quantitative value and the amount of payment for each.


Another PAYTABLE with symbols of the main category. There are three symbols here, under each of which are quantitative values and the amount paid for each.

The last one PAYTABLE. Here are the symbols of the category Low:  letters – they are presented in two rows of two. Near each is a quantitative value and a payment amount.


On the background of our main reels, in a rectangular brown frame with dragons flanked by Chinese-style letters, there is a yellow Congratulations inscription on top. Below is “You’re entering”, and below – “the free spins game”. At the very bottom is a convex square brown OK button.

Another congratulatory inscription, which says that you have won the amount of money from the game with free spins. The greeting inscription is presented in the same brown rectangle with dragons. Congratulations in yellow letters. Below is the row – “You won” and the winning amount, and even lower – “from free spins” and the OK button.


The third congratulatory pop-up is placed on the same rectangle with dragons, which says that you have entered the bonus game. In the upper center there is an inscription in Chinese letters – “Congratulations”. Below the row – “You’re entering”, and even lower – “the bonus game” and the OK button

The last one congratulatory pop-up, which says that you have won the amount of money from the bonus games. “Congratulations” inscription is at the top center. Below the row – “You won” the winning amount, and even lower – “from the bonus game”. And the final OK button at the very bottom.