Slot machine for SALE – “Rich Murphy”

Slot machine for SALE – “Rich Murphy”



Classic Themed online slot game

The slot is original and differs in aristocratic charm, offering the player to plunge into the bewitching world of wealth. In addition, users will be able to enjoy the incredible beauty of the slot machine, as it is made in bright colorful colors, and at the same time each symbol reflects the essence of the chosen theme. There are 5 reels, with the placement of game symbols on them in three rows. Among the pictures you can see: cherry, diamond, different crowns, star, number 7, a stack of gold coins and denominations of card symbols. Gold and jewelry always become the center of attention, they fascinate, surprise, attract to themselves. Below the reels there is a game control panel, on which, intellectually, the necessary buttons are located: bet adjustment, spinning the reels, as well as windows indicating the current balance and total winnings. To the right of the reels, the player will be met by the main character – a living personification of success. So the desire to feel with the atmosphere as quickly as possible becomes insurmountable, and it remains only to press the spin button.  If you are interested in our new product, you can purchase it at our store –



The main background is a large throne room where the red path leads to the throne itself; on the sides you can see mountains of gold coins with bundles of green bills. And the scenery seemed to be transferred from some old aristocratic estate. Each frame is beautiful, precisely calibrated and perfected. Shine and luxury, and the crown over the throne, only waiting for its master. Perfect symmetry, a juicy color palette and well-designed details – there are all those components that make the slot fabulously interesting.



The game has the main symbols, as well as special: Wild, Bonus, Scatter. The main pictures create winning chains within the active reels. The winning combination is made up of at least three identical symbols, as well as in the case of getting of some variants of the so-called mixed combinations. Some of the main symbols relate to classic slot machines: number 7, cherries and card denominations (A, K, Q, J). Three different types of crowns symbolize power, confidence and wealth. Players will be subdued at first sight – regardless of gender, because luxury, chic and brilliance equally attract young ladies and respectable gentlemen.



In the role of the Bonus is a bright red huge ruby; a Wild symbol is a stack of gold coins; blue star – Scatter. In the field of view, the entire session of the game will be gold, jewelry and packs of cash, which in the direct way will lead to a Big Win. In addition, the main character will accompany you in the slot all the time – Rich Murphy.


Plunge into the world of palace intrigues and adventures in this slot with dynamic animation, filled with winning combinations that will make your eyes sparkle. Beautiful symbols that come to life when a player manages to win, are waiting for the players. Sparkling stones, a sparkling star, shimmering light number 7, funny cherries and shiny golden crowns that attract the eye.


Card denominations didn’t go unnoticed and will also shine and sparkle in the animation.


In addition to the main round in the slot there is a bonus game in which the player can just have fun. To go to the bonus tour on the screen you need to collect three, four or five bonuses. A window with six red rubies will appear, where you will find a game for good luck.



It is worth, listening to the hints of intuition, to determine which of them hides the highest value of the gain. A game that hides pleasant surprises will be a great addition to everyday joys.


The slot has a special payout table divided into three pages. The first is a list of special symbols. Wild symbol – the most common special symbol. It replaces any other symbol on the reels and helps to form a winning combination. Scattered symbol (Scatter) – can start a series of Free Spins. Bonus symbol – activator of the bonus game. According to the rules of the slot game, to start the bonus game you have to collect 3 Bonus symbols at once in one spin.



The second page, which presents all regular symbols and combinations of symbols, as well as their winning odds. Using this table, a player can easily determine the value of symbols and the amount of winnings if they coincide. This diagram shows the player how much money he can win by collecting one specific combination in one spin. This variant of the table is clear to any beginner.



The third page contains Royals – card symbols. These are the cheapest icons. They land on the reels most often, but bring small wins.



Activation of free spins will be shown by a window made in blue tones. Play a slot without investing a cent – what could be better? This is exactly what the player gets when activating free spins. Thanks to this bonus, a player can simply watch his winnings grow for several spins in a row.



All winnings will be transferred to the player’s balance. Treasures love everything! After all, the world of gold and jewelry is not only a world of profit, but also a world of secret mystical knowledge.



Three or more Bonus symbols will launch an additional bonus round, due to which the amount of the player will definitely increase.



In real life, we don’t have the opportunity to search and find jewelry, coins and rich jewelry. Therefore, boring reality is replaced by games that, in addition to a fascinating story, will bring profit.



This is a modern slot that has high-quality graphics, a fascinating plot and a thoughtful, simple interface.