Slot machine for SALE – “Gold of Olympus”

Slot machine for SALE – “Gold of Olympus”



Gold of Olympus


Olympus is a historical, mythological and natural symbol of Greece. According to well-known myths and legends, the mountain range was the seat of the main Olympic gods led by a thunderbolt. On Greek Olympus the kingdoms of following deities were located. Hera, Athena, Aphrodite, Apollo, Ares, Artemis, Dionysus, Hephaestus and Hermes. Zeus is the most exalted and revered god of the mountain. The palace of the celestials was built by the one-eyed giant Cyclops, whom the lightning man liberated from the kingdom of the dead. In gratitude the monsters gave Zeus power over thunder and lightning. Decorations for the citadel of Olympus forged in his workshop Hephaestus. The entrance to the temple was through a cloud gate guarded by the guardian gods. Zeus and Hera’s mansions were facing Athens. There were also servants in the kingdom. Above the mythological Olympus there is always a blue sky from where the golden light flows. In the kingdom there is no rain and snow, there is always a sunny summer. Only below there are clouds that cover the sinful land. Olympus Gold is kept in hiding, once you open the slot and create the right combination. Collect the maximum coins, spin all the sacred symbols and get a crystal-dear win game. Our slot designers recreated the spirit of that epoch in their new slot game. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –


The slot reel of the «Gold of Olympus» game looks very rich, it displayed in a place of “honour”. Each golden letter contains all the mythology of the immortality of the Greek deities. On the top of the temple are carved figures of gods from stone. In the center of the reel are expensive symbols and signs. Each group of Greek artifacts is clearly separated by gold ornaments and columns into folding rows. Along the perimeter are historical frescoes with inlaid diamants and rubies. The control panel allows each God to manifest himself. The Hero Start Key triggers the game. The Symbol Spins are accompanied by the automatic start of the reel or at the winner’s discretion. Additional buttons will help to simplify the automatic control mode. Any Zeus treasure can be obtained in cash equivalent. Spin the symbols and collect the gold of Olympus.



The main background was chosen for the Temple of Zeus. It is one of the most revered temples of ancient Greece, the first genuine Doric order. It served as the center of the architectural ensemble of ancient Olympia and was dedicated to the supreme god Zeus. It is a typical hypotetric temple with six columns. The foundations and paintings of the building are collected and created by skilled masters of the time. The shrine contains the history of the ancients. In the center of the pantheon is a statue of the Lord in a level with columns. His gilded attire reflects the rich and original culture of the time. The towering statues of the queens surround the main one. Golden frescoes and monogram serve as decorations for the citadel.



Get acquainted with the characters of this slot game starting with high symbols: Dionysus is the youngest of the Olympians in his expanded character image. His wild nature with barbaric roots. God of vegetation, viticulture and winemaking. Personifies the forces of nature, inspiration and religious ecstasy. This mysterious symbol replaces other symbols in the combination except the higher ones. The Bonus symbol has collected all the Gold Coins of Olympus. They have the image of every deity. With these mythical coins you can accumulate a bonus level and gain additional treasures of the kingdom. The Lord’s Crown serves as a Scatter symbol. Its power is able to light the free spins and turn any object into gold.



Hera’s wife Zeus, goddess and protector of marriage, protects motherhood. According to myths, Hera is characterized by dominance, cruelty and jealous temper. Constantly closely observing his husband and his love affairs to mortal virgins. Golden horn of abundance, to the limit filled with valuable coins. Surrounded by clover petals, the clover serves as a charm and has the power of light, slicing through the darkness and promising the luck of finding this treasure. The golden calendar of seasons contains the power of the elements of the four elements and the zodiacal map. In the very center is the solar circle – the beginning of life and the birth of the living. Fragments of lost Latin letters also adorn the gold category of symbols. Gold bracelets with precious stones tightly wrap each sign. In conclusion speaks Artemis, eternal young goddess of hunting, female chastity, patron of all life on Earth:



All sacral symbols are assembled in the repository of the kingdom. Each element is endowed with a certain divine power. Zeus himself gives his blessing to each sign. Lost talismans possess unknown power and latent energy.



The animation of each Greek symbol is unimaginably beautiful. Dionysus smiles and gives gold coins to the winner. The bonus gold is stacked in piles, slightly shining and ringing. The calendar rotates and points to the zodiac sign. The letters flicker and increase in size. The queen’s crown is divine and delightfully good. Each of the goddesses differs in their skills, their main strength in immortality.



At the bonus level, you can find “baby apples” with gifts. The character and the player have several attempts to choose the best fruit and consider its heart. If the outcome is successful, the Olympic gold coins are showered with rain. The thunderbolt lightning delivers the win to the winner.




The one-piece gold bar was melted in the Hefest blacksmith. Then the master’s assistants forged a monolithic gold slot inscription. This iconic slot Logo contains the mysteries of the twelve Olympic gods. The power of every great man is inscribed in every golden sign of destiny. The first artifact has already been discovered, we go in search of new precious treasures of Olympus.



A mythical congratulatory window appears on the screen. The gold jewellery shows the winning amount that Zeus personally illuminates with lightning and transforms into the cash equivalent of the slot.