Slot machine for SALE – “Brave Vikings”

Slot machine for SALE – “Brave Vikings”



Vikings Themed online slot game

The image of the Vikings is very popular in modern society. Literature, films and games – everywhere we meet courageous bearded men with axes and stately resolute beauties. The Viking world is a world of victories and accomplishments. The “Brave Vikings” slot game is decorated in the best traditions of Scandinavian culture. A lot of wooden textures were used for the game reels. The spear tips on both sides of the title “Brave Vikings” create the mood for struggle and victory. The decor in the form of a runic ligature gives the game a special character. The fields of the reels are clearly structured, the sectors are separated by thin strips of traditional Scandinavian ornament. If you are interested in our new product, you can purchase it at our store –



The first version of the game background is a Viking settlement in the Scandinavian mountains. If you look at the snow-capped peaks, brightly lit by the sun, there is a feeling of endless space. I want to take a deeper breath and feel the fresh air of the Norwegian fjords. The houses in the village are simple and at first glance similar to each other. But if you look closely, each house has its own characteristics. A warrior’s faithful sword awaits near one dwelling, a bundle of firewood and a sharp ax are prepared near the second, and baskets are stacked near the third house. You can imagine the simple life of the Vikings, who lived in large family groups. There is also a place for a big bonfire with runes inscripted in a circle. Probably like this, in a circle, men made decisions at general meetings – tings.



The second version of the game background takes players inside the house. This is the house of a successful and experienced warrior. The shield on the wall, a large selection of weapons and an impressive helmet leave no doubt: the owner of the house is going to win! Prosperity is symbolized by full baskets of fruits, vegetables and bags near the wall. The chest near the entrance clearly says of success of the house’ owner in past sea trips. Let the players smile at the same success.



High symbols are the same Vikings. They are different, but equally bright and charismatic. Wild symbol – image of a healer. The gray-haired old man with a long beard rests on a traditional staff. In the second hand, the healer holds ripped herbs and flowers. As you know, priests or healers in the Viking communities had great power and were especially respected. Bonus symbol – a young warrior with a spear and a shield. Do not be surprised at the presence of women among male warriors. In the Scandinavian countries, women had a fairly loose position as for the Middle Ages. The fair sex could engage in art and trade, be healers and even participate in military campaigns. Look at this brave beauty: she certainly will not let herself be offended.

Scatter symbol – a real giant. That is how most of us imagine the Vikings. In the hands of the fearless warrior is a huge ax. The very sight of this conqueror leaves no doubt about his impending victory. Pay attention to the details of the image. The immutable attribute of Scandinavian men – the beard – is braided and fancifully decorated. In addition, the fur cape is fixed with large gold brooches. Another Viking is not so formidable in appearance. He is more nimble and agile: his light clothing does not constrain movements. At the same time, the hammer, richly decorated with runic script, makes to be very respectful with this character. All High symbols are decorated in “wooden” square frames.

Regular symbols are also framed, but round. This difference makes it easier for players to navigate symbols. Regular symbols are dedicated to Viking life. Here we see a dragcar – a Viking warship. Brave sailors have already set off for the next campaign and their oars are cut by the stormy sea waves. In another image, you can see the house and observation post in the Viking village. Another symbol introduces us to the main runes and gives an idea of Viking literacy. So, with a feather in the light of a candle, sagas were probably written about the glorious Viking campaigns. And finally, a feast. Of course, each successful campaign ended with a celebration in honor of the brave conquerors. On the table, a generous treat – a pig and glasses of wine. In the Scandinavian countries, wine was a very expensive drink. Vikings more often drank a honey drink or ale. But wine was a drink of Odin – the supreme god. And the wine we see in the goblets on the image of the symbol. Well, on the occasion of victory, you can also afford the drink of the gods.

Low symbols – traditional items from the life of the Vikings. Two characters are dedicated to the traditional Viking weapon – the ax. In the first case, an hatchet decorated with runic script is depicted. This is a lumberjack tool, but if necessary, it can become a weapon. In the second case, a double-edged poleax stuck into a wooden chair. You need to have the strength and skill to deal with such weapons! But Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor, is presented here as a decoration. The Vikings really wore such pendants. They believed that the hammer of Thor brings good luck. Moreover, archaeologists say that women also wore pendants in the form of Mjolnir. And finally, the image that is associated with peace and comfort is a bowl in the shape of a boat. It is filled with clean water and symbolizes the opportunity to relax and replenish strength before a new battle. Or a new game!



Animated images give the game dynamics. All the characters seem to come to life. The Druid slowly goes somewhere, helping himself with a staff. The girl winks at the players and invites to be bolder. Although the red beard shakes with his ax, it does not look intimidating. Rather, he looks like a friend who is willing to protect if necessary. And the second Viking relies on his hammer and as if observes what will happen next.


The same dynamic and animated Regular symbols. Drakkar obeys the wind in the sails and cuts the waves, and the energetic wave of the oars adds speed to it. In the Viking village, day is replaced by night, lights in the house light up. By candlelight, a wise owl watches the first lines appear on a piece of paper. And on the table with treats, a new bottle of wine appears time after time.


In Low symbols, the movements of axes fascinate. A sharp blade easily sticks into a wooden surface. Crystal water splashes in a bowl-boat: one wants to take a sip. And on the suspension Mjolnir runic ligature is poured with gold.


Both screens of Pay tables are framed in the form of a parchment sheet. On a light background, all the information necessary for the players is well read.



The wooden frame serves as a worthy holder for old scrolls. The button for switching between screens is designed as a wooden handle with hatchets on both sides.



Congratulatory screens are shown in the form of a wooden tablet. The background is an expensive mahogany.



The frame around the plate is richly decorated with traditional ornaments.



The inscriptions are made in a font, stylized as the Middle Ages.



The golden color of the letters makes the screens especially solemn.