Slot machine for SALE – “Mister Chef”

Slot machine for SALE – “Mister Chef”




Cooking Themed online slot game

Today you, Mr. Chef, try on a tunic and a chef’s hat. Today, you will make a splash with your skill. You are ready? Welcome to our tasty slot, get ready for tasty victories! On the splash screen, we are greeted by the main characters of our slot. Meet the chef, in a white jacket and white cap, standing in the center. On the sides he is surrounded by a waiter and a waitress with friendly smiles and impeccable uniforms. The tables have already been laid in the restaurant, glasses have been rubbed and placed in their places. In the background, we are greeted by the lights of the big city, now is the time to have some fun. All this is adorned with the inscription Mr. Chef. The inscription is in beautiful italics, letters in red, which warms the soul and pleases the eye. Two-word inscription in two rows. On the second splash screen, the same atmosphere, only the inscription written in a single row. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The slot machine reels is full of colors and a combination of incredible tastes. The name of the slot is Mr. Chef, it is decorated in the same style as on the splash screen. The bonus symbol is a dish, what is hidden there? Interesting? Click and play. Wild symbols are a waiter with a black butterfly and a dish that is ablaze with fire. The scatter symbol is the head of the kitchen, Mr. Chef. We also see a waitress who delivers glasses, various dishes: juicy lobster Thermidor, chocolate soufflé, spaghetti bolognese. The letters attract with different colors. Everything looks very appetizing, be careful not to swallow your tongue.



At the first background we see a refined restaurant with a cozy atmosphere, all in light pastel colors. White tablecloths on the tables, white capes on the chairs add pomp to the establishment. The tables have already been served. They are waiting for you, enjoy the tastes of victories, awards. The wall is decorated with a diptych, beautiful paintings in warm pastel colors.



At the second background, we go to the backstage of the restaurant and can contemplate the process of creating culinary masterpieces. You can see how everyone is trying very hard to prepare the dishes. A lot of kitchen utensils, a variety of dishes, inventory.



The scatter symbol – against a majestic red background we can see Mr. Chef with a slight smile and a ladle in his hand. Like a true master of his craft he stands very confidently and looks impeccably in a white tunic and cap. He is in charge of the goodies in the restaurant, and brings many victories. The wild symbol is a full-length waiter, a handsome man, to whom his black butterfly looks like a damn thing, and he knows for sure about it. He meets with a stunning smile and a dish in hand. The dish is a wild symbol, a platter of fruits on fire, which attracts the eye to the dish and, of course, to the waiter himself. Wild symbols bring rewards to hard-core players. The bonus symbol is a dish from the chef, there is a secret ingredient here. You can taste and enjoy this taste, and find out what is hidden under the cover. All the fun is under the metal cover.



In the animation pay attention to this juicy picture. A secret dish under a metal lid, against a blue sparkling background, approaches and moves away from us. As if saying eat me! The chef on a red, majestic, solemn background, sways from side to side and slightly waves a ladle, calling to try his creations. Fruit platter on a burning plate, glows with a bright yellow fire. Fruits fly up and down, as if performing their own special dance. All pictures are framed with golden curls, which gives pomp and grandeur to the slot.


Let’s take a closer look at the middle symbols. All the best dishes of the restaurant are presented here. On a purple background we can see a plate with dessert – a magnificent chocolate cake with layers of the most delicate soufflé and a sweet cherry. The second picture shows the red ruddy lobster Thermidor, just a giant, but what a taste. Mmm, just lick your fingers! The third picture shows spaghetti bolognese, garnished with green spinach. Just delicious. The fourth picture is the meat in French, cooked according to an old recipe. You can try this dish only here and now. What I suggest you do, do not delay, rather enjoy this process. The fifth picture is the main decoration of the restaurant, a wonderful waitress with a beautiful smile, she meets with a tray, and offers you to taste a glass of sparkling wine.



In the animation of the middle symbols, we see how all the pictures seem to be intertwined in some kind of dance and invite you to enjoy a delicious slot and tasty winnings. They get bigger, closer and invite to the game.


Low symbols are multi-colored letters and numbers. Drawn in beautiful italics, framed with a golden border. Symbols bring rewards.



In the animation low symbols seem to double in the font, wink and glitter.


The last image is the bonus game. Here we see a lot of dishes with a secret, under metal lids and an inscription on a black background in golden letters that says: “Check offers and find prizes”. Below we see a sign on which it is written that your bonus win is four hundred sweets.