Slot machine for SALE – “Medieval Castle”

Slot machine for SALE – “Medieval Castle”



Medieval Themed slot game

The Medieval Era is a difficult and controversial time in the minds of the current generation. For some, it is dirty and disgusting, full of dark superstition and prejudice, cruelty, injustice and oppression. And for others – this is a glorious time, fanned by the romance of knightly adventures and exploits.

For all fans of this period, our designers created a slotmachine on this theme. Also, If you are interested in our new slot, you can purchase it at our shop –



The following illustration was chosen as the background for this game: on the image we see the road leading to the impregnable castle, which is located on a hill. The inaccessibility of the castle is ensured by natural barriers, as well as a high wall rising far away:



On the picture below, you can see the set of symbols that were selected for this slot. They are made in a vector style, like the whole slot machine. Card symbols stylized under the wood, the main symbols symbolize the objects of that time:


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