Slot machine for SALE – “Galaxy Discovery”

Slot machine for SALE – “Galaxy Discovery”




Galaxy Themed online slot game

This is a small, but very entertaining slot, which from the first seconds draws into the abyss of intergalactic space, various planets, asteroids, meteorites, stars. You can be on the Moon, for example, or land on Mars, or maybe you liked Saturn? All this is possible with the Galaxy Discovery slot. Moreover, while traveling in intergalactic space, you can also play games and get rich. But it’s so great when there is enough of everything: both money and spectacles. Especially if the game is very colorful, it has a clear interface and convenient functionality and excellent graphics – everything for your comfort and pleasure from the game. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

In front of us, on the main background of the Galaxy Discovery slot, there is a reel on a blue steel frame with neon illumination on the sides, visually divided into five main columns. These rows represent various symbols for the game. At the top, in blue and white letters, the name of the Galaxy Discovery slot, and at the bottom – a convenient and simple control panel. The panel is equipped with rectangular bright cells with a background of the surface of Mars with a gold rim, where the balance, message, bet and winnings are indicated, as well as additional colored buttons for playing, and a large red round SPIN button.



The main background of the Galaxy Discovery slot, where in the foreground we see the red surface of the planet Mars, with many craters and smoke from them. At the background, colored planets, rockets and an astronaut are visible in the endless starry sky of the Galaxy.