Slot machine for SALE – “Friendly Zombie”

Slot machine for SALE – “Friendly Zombie”



Zombie Themed online slot game

If you love stories about zombies, are not intimidated by severed hands and the sight of a brain, welcome to the “Friendly Zombie” slot. This is not at all the same as in horror films. Zombies don’t attack humans. They walk peacefully along the streets, go to cafes and enjoy their time. Players who love zombie stories will surely appreciate this scenario. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

A severed hand is shown above the game reel. The name of the slot is located on it. This design immediately creates a general atmosphere and supports the theme of the slot. The design of the game reel is dominated by green shades. The spots on the playing field simulate flesh after death. The hot pink and red accents at the reels design stand out especially against the muted swamp color. The seam with prominent large stitches is reminiscent of the story of Frankenstein. In the lower left corner there is a place for the player’s avatar and name. The pregress bar shows the progress of the game. In the lower right corner there is a “Spin” button. It is framed in the form of a deformed heart with rough seams. The field of total bet is made in the form of tombstones.



The game background depicts a spacious restaurant hall. People and zombies are sitting at the tables. They talk sweetly, smile and gesture in a friendly way. Sunlight pours from the windows, flowers are arranged in the hall. The picture looks completely idyllic. If the bulk of the visitors did not look like the living dead, this would be a completely ordinary dinner. But as soon as the guys with cadaveric spots and drooping eyes appeared in the hall, ordinary gatherings in a cafe turned into a fantastic story.



The Scatter symbol depicts an open brain. But it’s more like a brain-shaped dessert. The hot pink color is associated more with sweets than with anatomical details. In addition, the top of the brain is decorated with cocktail cherries. Wild symbol – a portrait of a zombie clown. Bright red lips still retain the remnants of makeup, and red hair leaves no doubt. In the front we can see the famous Dancing Clown Pennywise from the legendary horror “It”. Both symbols are framed in the form of a crypt.

The new series of symbols are portraits of zombie characters from different eras. Each of them has its own character and its own story. The Indian closed his eyes and blows smoke from his mouth. He seems to be smoking a pipe and mentally is somewhere far away. Perhaps he witnessed the conquests of America, fought for his people and fell in battle with the colonialists. The captain of the pirate ship looks furious. Probably, even during his lifetime, he was distinguished by an explosive character. But how else to maintain at least some order among the “gentlemen of fortune”? If you ask him, this zombie could tell a lot about long journeys, battles and, of course, rich prey.

Or maybe it would be more interesting to communicate with the pharaoh from Ancient Egypt? He is also here, among the living dead. Such a zombie in a friendly conversation could reveal the secret of the creation of the pyramids and tell about the sphinxes. These three symbols are framed in round frames with bone and eye decorations.

The following symbols also depict zombie characters. They go, obeying a call that is inaudible for a person. And the knight from the Middle Ages, and our contemporaries – they equally rose from the dead. We see that the old man remained an old man after his resurrection. He leans on a cane and this immediately gives character to the image. You can imagine how he shuffles his feet like an old man and often grumbles.

Low-symbols are letters “K”, “Q”, “J”. But the peculiarity of these letters is that they consist of body parts. Not scary, but creepy. Just in the spirit of the whole slot.



In the case of win, the reels are darkened on the congratulatory screens. On its background, the inscriptions “Big Win” or “5 of a kind” appear. The combination of green and red colors, drips on the letters maintain the overall atmosphere of the game.



The slot information screen is located on the board with a dark green frame. Arrows for switching between pages are made in the form of broken bones with remnants of muscles.



On the greeting screen, in the case of Jackpot, the game background and the reel are darkened. A congratulatory inscription and a counter appears.



For the design of Paytables, marsh and pale green colors are used. Spots on the screen are associated with spots on the skin of a zombie.



The background and the reel are darkened on the greeting screens in case of receiving bonus games or bonus spins. A severed hand appears, holding a sign with information about the win. The “Ok” button is designed as a wired heart.