Slot machine for SALE – “Christmas”

Slot machine for SALE – “Christmas”



Christmas Themed online slot machine

If you ask what Christmas is associated with, the list of the top 5 items will be the same for everyone: Christmas tree, Santa Claus, gifts, holiday lights and, of course, snow. We remember special moments when the whole family gathered for a holiday. Someone had candles in the house. Some have traditionally listened to Christmas songs. And someone’s Christmas cannot be imagined without gingerbread. We have collected the most atmospheric attributes and created a festive slot “Christmas”. The vertical design is specially designed for mobile phones. So players can immerse themselves in the festive atmosphere at any time. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The background of the game reel looks like a window with frosty patterns. The light blue field resembles frozen glass. It seems that you can reach out, put your finger – and a trace will be left of it. Along the perimeter of the game reels, there are delicate curls, which frost draws on the glass.
The lower field of the reels is for service information and it’s also designed in blue. But instead of frosty curls, you can see large round snowflakes on it. In the lower left corner there is a place for the player’s avatar and name. The progress bar shows the progress of the game. The “Spin” button is made in the form of a large Christmas tree ball. The “Info” button is depicted as a snowflake. The “Total bet” area looks like a gift box.

The game background moves players into a festively decorated living room. A fire crackles comfortably in the fireplace. Six Christmas socks are carefully hung for Santa to see. Candles are burning on the fireplace with soft light. The holiday feeling is enhanced by the garlands of lights. Many colorful boxes let players know that there will be enough gifts for everyone today.



Wild symbol – a cheerful puppy who enjoys the snow. Perhaps for some, this puppy will be the most important Christmas present. The dog, when it enters the house, becomes another member of the family and the best friend for both children and parents.

High symbols are characters without which it is impossible to imagine Christmas. Good-natured Santa Claus in a red cap looks slyly and decides who to give the next gift. Even the glasses on his nose seem to gleam very fervently.
And who lights the way for Santa Claus? Of course, it’s Rudolph the fawn! You can’t confuse him with anyone! This red nose is familiar to everyone from childhood, from the very first favorite fairy tales. How many times, peering into the night sky, we dreamed of seeing Santa’s sleigh with Rudolph the fawn.
And here is another good man – a snowman. What could be more fun than playing snowballs and making a snowman with the whole family? Some of the children have already wrapped him in a bright scarf and shared a red cap. Now the snowman looks quite festive.

Regular symbols are items that fill Christmas with a special mood. The light from a candle flame appears especially warm. The red candle is decorated with fir branches with a golden bow. The classic Christmas color combination highlights its festive purpose.
The holly bell is about to ring, heralding the beginning of the holiday. Evergreen holly, like mistletoe, is traditionally used to create Christmas wreaths.
What else can you imagine Christmas without? Of course, without a tree! Artificial or natural, it doesn’t matter. The most important place in the house is assigned to the green beauty. And decorating a Christmas tree is a whole ritual! First, unpack the toys, pick up the garlands, set the star on top … The moment when you can finally light up the lights seems really magical.



Another emotional moment is unpacking gifts. What is there, under a huge bow and a layer of rustling paper? Will your cherished dream come true? Agree, opening gifts is exciting even for adults. Who could have lost a warm red cap with a fluffy white pompom? Oh, this cap haunts many people. How many children chase sleep on Christmas night hoping to catch Santa! And here it is, the most fragrant symbol of Christmas – the gingerbread man. The smell of gingerbread cookies takes us back to childhood better than any time machine. When the house was filled with the smell of these pastries, the world became better.

In the design of the screen with the information of the slot, shades of blue are used, as on the game reel.



A festive screen is provided to congratulate the players on receiving seven bonus spins. Santa Claus looks out from a huge snowdrift, scatters streamers and confetti and wishes a merry Christmas.

If the Jackpot is won, the game background and the reel are darkened. Text appears with Jackpot and score. The inscription is decorated with a red Christmas cap.



The three Paytables screens, like the game reel, are designed in blue and decorated with curls of a frosty pattern.



The following screens are for information about free spins or bonus games. The bonus text appears on the golden plate. The OK button is framed like a large Christmas tree ball.