Slot machine for SALE – “Christmas Day”

Slot machine for SALE – “Christmas Day”




Christmas Themed online slot game

Waiting for Christmas is a special time when you really want to believe in a miracle. It’s good if the snow crunches under your feet, your cheeks are flushed with frost, the garlands illuminate everything around and the joy overflows. Under the feet there is white snow, over the head there is a blue sky, and above there are only clouds! Isn’t you dreaming of such a New Year !? Christmas is the sacred time of the year when the world is reborn, renewed. The graphics of the video slot is very colorful, and at the same time reveals its unique fairy-tale charm. The player will be in Santa’s house, where a sparkling Christmas tree stands in the corner, and grandfather sits nearby. Santa’s magical and sexy assistant will charge you with positive and faith in miracles, and also give confidence in your own abilities. Interface details are also made in accordance with the general style of the game. The game field consists of 5 reels. The control panel is placed at the bottom of the interface, and it includes several important buttons for setting all the indicators of the game. All the settings in the slot machine are very simple: the player only needs to set the bet with the bet buttons and click on the Spin, which is depicted as a Christmas tree toy. Two modes of rotation of the reels will also be available: manual and automatic. When you start the video slot, you will be pleasantly surprised, how colorful the theme of Christmas is presented. Everywhere there are gifts, New Year’s toys, a gingerbread house, a Christmas wreath, Christmas trees and all this are in snowdrifts. If you are interested in our new product, you can purchase it at our store –



All game action will take place in the house of Santa Claus. A festively decorated Christmas tree is in one corner, and modern Santa is sitting comfortably in an armchair and reading letters on a laptop. Opposite the corner, a fireplace decorated with boots warms up, and next to it are multi-colored boxes with gifts that everyone is waiting for to see under their Christmas tree. Here everything is as in the legend of the famous bearded old man in a red suit.



The basis of any slot machine that fills it with meaning and makes it original is a set of symbols. They display almost everything for which we love the Christmas holidays: this is a gingerbread house that makes our life a little sweeter; gifts and letters that we love to give and receive; snowman give fun and carefree; cute red cat, giving warmth and comfort; a rabbit that hides in a box; and of course, how without Christmas trees and Christmas tree decorations on the eve of the New Year holidays! There are also special symbols: Wild – in the form of a funny deer; as a bonus will be a big, red bag filled to the top with gifts; and Santa, racing from the mountain in a sleigh, will bring Scatter along with the Christmas tree.



All payments for combinations are made according to the payout table. Special symbols deserve special attention: Wild, Bonus and Scatter, which received the set of features described below. Wild – this is the most coveted symbol on the field, and what else except it should be depicted as a cheerful deer, who will come to the aid on the first whistle; it will help participants to complete the prize line after replacing any image of the main type. A bag full of children’s toys serves as a Bonus. Three or more of these images on the field will give the player a bonus mode that will help increase your winnings. Cheerful and carefree Santa – Scatter, as in many other slots, will transfer to Free Spin mode.



This page in the table shows how much money you can win by receiving a specific combination of symbols. A combination of at least three identical symbols will bring you instant payout. However, if you manage to collect five of the same symbols on the reels, then you will get the maximum win of the game.



Although these symbols will please you a little less often by the prize chains made up of them than the previous ones, but they are paid much better. Payments on them, with full confidence, can be called fabulously generous.



On the night before Christmas, the most mysterious, magical, extraordinary things happen. If you collect three gift bags, as if by magic, they will give a bonus game.



The amount that the player collects in the bonus game will be displayed on a white cloud, and, after clicking on the Christmas tree toy, will be added to the overall balance.



Jolly Santa rushes on his sleigh to quickly bring the player not only a festive mood, but also start Free Spins, which will certainly bring additional prizes.



The entire amount that was earned in Free Spins will be transferred to the player on the total account.



The blonde, charming and seductive beauty-assistant of Santa will come to the player’s help. She will always be there to support you if you lose or to rejoice at your luck!


It’s hard to argue with the charm of winter – the air itself is filled with magic and a fairy tale. The smell of tangerine, garlands, flying snowflakes, Christmas tree, buying gifts and waiting for a miracle. In the usual gray everyday life, all these sensations are erased. But the spirit of Christmas and New Year is already felt.