Slot machine for SALE – “The Bombuster”

Slot machine for SALE – “The Bombuster”



The Bombuster

The simplest and most uncomplicated slot game «The Bombuster» waiting for their players. Simple, sparkling game symbols fill the slot reel. With the first explosion of the bomb, you can hear the sound of coins falling. Juicy ripe orange and fruit basket with grapes load and give vitamin cocktail to the winner. Each bomb is loaded with powder to the limit. Just light the fuse and the cash surprises are on the way. The bonus game gives away a group of bombs. After the ball breaks, long-awaited cash amounts appear. A reliable cute pig, filled with gold coins after each spin. Once it reaches the limit, its gold reserve is ripped apart by a shimmering deposit of pennies all over the screen. With the passage of time and the collection of the best combinations, the game of doubling the amount of the win is opened. By spinning the wheel of fortune, you can get the maximum increase in the amount of the player. A solid bomb jackpot is also around the corner. Just need to collect the right amount of mega-bombs and there is a real jackpot. We blow up symbols, collect successful combinations, and win every hour. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The slot reel of the «The Bombuster» casino game is collected by the best team. The drawing of each symbol is detailed. On top is a golden slot inscription, surrounded by flashes of light and powerful explosions of projectiles. The reel frame is made of durable metal. Cast copper inserts and gold monogram decorate the entire panel. Inside are playful symbols and signs in clearly grouped rows separated by steel bars. Fruits and berries combine perfectly with the gorgeous happy number Seven. The control panel is very common. The start button starts the spins with a sign. Each bomb is blown to pieces and asks for the maximum bet. The balance and win windows are perfect. Extra keys help you manage your slot.




Slot machine background is made in two variants: A deep blue background, like a cosmic surface of uninhabitable space. A placer of silver stars decorate the whole blue. Three-dimensional neon circles illuminate the entire Milky Way. Each symbol emerges from the void and emerges into the light. Stardust illuminates each combination and activates the control panel.



It is as if at sunset, warm and full of life the second background. A smooth transition of color from yellow to saturated pink.  The orange flow fills the machine’s platform with success and luck.


Animated symbols are represented in different categories. Majestic numeral Seven rotates clockwise and increases in size. This is the main harbinger of happy chance. The flushes of numbers are filled with complete success. The Golden Bell rings loudly and accumulates a cash prize. This expensive sign brings victory to the player. The highest symbol turns into a jackpot. Big black bomb on the edge. The fuse is almost burnt out, waiting for a new accumulation. A cheerful playful little bomb, dancing on the spot. It is in full readiness, it is only necessary to launch it into a line of symbols. The symbol of a majestic dollar, large and reliable. It improves and enriches each fruit sign. Pair cherry wants to play. Already aged drupes and ripe juicy pulp will quench the thirst for glory. The grapes are swinging on the vine. It is so heavy that it will soon fall into the basket with other fruits. Citrus mix, will give a charge of cheerfulness for the whole game. The perfect pair arrived from distant countries. A fragrant plum is already on your table. We will harvest and try a ripe watermelon. It will quench thirst on a hot day. Little glass pig, gradually filled with ringing gold coins. It is a decent symbol.


Over time, a bonus game appears on the screen. It contains all the “fun” bombs. The player is given several attempts to ignite and detonate it. After breaking the metal, the amount of the win appears. It may be empty. In any case, the fireproof amount remains the same, or multiply. Try your luck and collect the biggest bomb gifts by hitting the total jackpot.



The animation of the bonus is made on a professional level. Bright flashes of light give gold amounts. The bomb winks and then disappears from the playing field, leaving behind a money trail. The smell of gunpowder spreads and fills the machine. The bomb mix is admirable.


The time to spin the rainbow wheel of fortune, each petal is colorful and colorful with a reliable amount of money.  The wheel of fortune foreshadows grand prizes. Press the start key and spin the reel. The red pointer arrow selects the money field. Then the side panel multiplies the amount. The multiplier is automatically triggered.




The risk game is triggered automatically depending on the bonus and the free spin. An empty glass guinea pig figurine is beginning to fill with gold coins using the start key on the screen. After pressing the stop-play button, the pig grunts and bursts. Glass shards fly around the perimeter, coins ringing loudly and the win appears.



The congratulatory screen greets the winner. All black bombs explode actively, a click is heard and a long-awaited win appears. Collect all the bombs in the slot and get decent cash prizes. The fruit basket can also become a prize. Even the simplest symbol and slot symbol can make gold.