How to increase the RTP (return to player) to 99%?

How to increase the RTP (return to player) to 99%?


In playing slots, there is such a thing as RTP (return to player). It denotes a certain amount that the slot returns to player after a certain period of play. This amount may be less than the deposit spent, or more.

In every online slot machine, this phenomenon is natural: the less a player spends on a slot, the smaller the returns for him will be. After all, all slots are interconnected, they occupy a certain space, and should help the casino make money.

But still, a player is also given a good chance to win. And often such a win is quite substantial. For this, there are certain standards that indicate winning percentages.




World Standards RTP for Slot Machines

The casino does not have the right to cheat the player and not give him a chance to win. Simply put, in any case, the paylines should appear on the reels. And the RTP rate standards in simulators are monitored by special commissions.


  • The highest return rate is 99%, it can be found on Las Vegas slot machines;
  • The average is 90-94%, it is the most common;
  • The minimum return percentage is 80%, these machines are called “greedy”.



It is Las Vegas machines can be called the most generous. But not all of them. They often have an average payback rate of 90%. Note that the payout percentage on online slots is slightly higher. Such casinos are more generous to their players.

The declared RTP  in the simulators cannot be changed arbitrarily, as it is already prescribed by the program. Therefore, when playing the slot, the person can be sure that the machine is honest.

If a person wants to play and win large sums, it is better to choose the simulators of slot machines with a high percentage of issues. You can learn about it in the description of each slot. Also, you need to remember the right choice of casinos, play only on reliable and honest platforms.