Gods of Olympus


We are glad to present to you the slot game development  – “Gods of Olympus”, slot machine game design made in the vector graphic style and based on legends and myths of ancient Greece.

We suggest you take a look from a different angle on the ancient Greek symbolics and attributes, which have been converted into a gaming theme for your pleasant pastime. Here you can see the weapons and equipment of the mighty Olympians, adamant and invincible even under pain of death, beautiful painted amphoras with fragrant olive oil, temples and crumbling columns, which have kept the marks of past battles. You can also see here the gods of Olympus, displayed in the form of game symbols. Great God of Thunder Zeus, who overthrows the thunder and lightning to vile enemies, mighty Poseidon – the lord of the seas and oceans, armed with a trident and commanding waters, and warlike Athena – goddess of war, wisdom, knowledge and the arts. All of them are constantly being watched and protect the land from enemies and are always ready to give a fitting rebuff to the opponents. You also have to prove your devotion to the gods, your fortitude and patience.

Commit noble deeds and actions, and someday may earn the favor of the gods. As a reward you will be provided with an access to the bowls, which filled with gold coins. All of them will be closed by covers and some of them will be empty. Will your intuition and internal feelings help to guess – under which cover you will find wealth? If not, don’t despair – perhaps, you’ll be lucky the next time. If you’ll guess right, your luck will bring you one step closer to Olympic gods! Good luck!




Game reels
Graphic design of the game reels, symbols, labels and buttons of navigation in the game world of the slot machine. Collect the best combination of symbols to get the highest bonus and be even closer to the coveted jackpot.


Here you can see the game from the game reels for the slot machine,placed on the night version of a background image.






Here you can see animations of Special symbols for the slot machine.

Special symbol – Scatter

Special symbol – Bonus

Special symbol – Wild


Development of preliminary sketches of gaming symbols for the slot machine.


Game symbols
Graphic design of the final versions of game symbols.
Courage, strength, wisdom – the divine qualities which are now available to man.
All this we have tried to reflect in our game symbols.


Here you can see animations of Regular symbols for the slot machine.

Regular symbol – Temple

Regular symbol – Helmet

Regular symbol – Ship

Regular symbol – Sword&Bow

Regular symbol – Vase


Bonus screen
And here you can see the final version of the bonus game screen for the slot machine.
Guess what bowl has gold coins.


Pay tables
Check out the rules of the game and the pay tables.
So, you will be aware – getting of which symbols and which quantity of them will bring you the greatest win.


Here you can see a table with numerical values for each symbol, as well as a certain number of points for the obtaining of the type of symbols.


Here you can see a pay table with a winning combination of symbols.


Here you can see animations of Low symbols for the slot machine.

Low symbol – A

Low symbol – K

Low symbol – Q

Low symbol – J


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