Gambling operator and modern tools: World experience

Gambling operator and modern tools: World experience


Technical progress has equipped gambling operators with new tools, the knowledge of which makes gambling safer and more interesting for users, as well as optimizing the work of companies.


Responsible Gambling Principles are the starting point for running a gambling business. Despite the fact that technical progress and constant improvement of the tools of the gambling companies work greatly simplify and optimize the work, new challenges arise for the industry. All parties involved in the organization and regulation of gambling processes are working together to create the most secure environment for users. Therefore, modern customer protection tools are an important task not only for gambling regulators and the government, but also for gambling companies. In addition to the theoretical content, which is not always justified in practice, it is important to take into account the specifics of the gambling segments – online and land-based.



Modern clients protection tools

Land-based Casinos

Land-based gambling establishments are always forced to vigilantly monitor the contingent of visitors, therefore, each casino has a set of rules regarding the appearance, manners and overall behavior of customers. So, it is strictly forbidden to visit gambling establishments in a state of alcohol or drug intoxication, to bring piercing and cutting objects, weapons or quickly flammable substances with you. For non-compliance with the rules of the casino, the client may be denied a visit and add it to the black list. All these restrictions are needed not only to create a special atmosphere of luxury, tranquility or as a whim of the operator, but also in order to protect visitors.

Online Casinos

In the sense of security, online gambling has a number of specific features. Despite the fact that physically the client may not be threatened, there is a risk of loss of personal data, including financial.



Online Casinos vs Land-based Casinos

The Online Gambling industry is developing at an accelerated pace, despite objective limitations. Some experts consider it a logical continuation of the Land-Based segment, while others, on the contrary, speak of dominance and an attempt to supplant traditional gambling establishments.

Gambling industry representatives say it’s too early to talk about crowding out. According to the financial indicators of industry in developed jurisdictions, we are talking about advancing in terms of growth rates. This is where online gambling really dominates.



Representatives of the Casinos note that the modern tools of gambling operators are diverse and in many ways not only contribute to ensuring the proper level of user protection, but also have a tendency to constantly complicate and improve security systems. This statement is true for both business segments.