The dream of a great victory

The dream of a great victory

When Charles Fei in 1887 invented the first slot machine “Bell of Freedom”, he could not imagine how successful his invention would be. But today we can already see how this invention has changed the world of casinos. Before the invention of slot machines in casinos or gaming establishments, not all could win a large sum of money. All games – roulette or poker, blackjack or baccarat, – require special knowledge and skills. In a so-called “big game” a bad player simply could not get into it, and if he had a lot of money and enough nonsense to play big, he acted as a “looser” and the chances to win him were exactly zero.

The first slot machine Liberty Bell as a revolution in the gambling industry

On the other hand, a good player rarely had a sufficient pot for a “big game”. With the advent of slots, everything changed: now a big win could be obtained by any person from the street who first entered the casino and threw a coin into the slot of the slot machine. But the main reason why slot machines have become so popular is this: you can play relatively low stakes. By the way, Charles Fei came up with this because he himself was a poor man when he emigrated from Germany to the United States. He was ruined and a “big game” was too expensive for him. Symbols on the reels of the first Liberty Bell slot machine were horseshoes, shovels, diamonds, hearts and the Liberty Bell of the same name. More than 100 years have passed since the American Revolution and the conquest of the Wild West, and the Liberty Bell at that time had a special significance for Americans. That’s why Charles Fei named this invention his name.

First slot machine

It should be noted that manufacturers of slot machines use this tactic today. For example, the popular slot “Book Ra” is based on popular films about Indiana Jones. Similarly, most slot manufacturers use fashionable, popular, relevant topics for their slot machines. However, to explain the attractiveness of slots only using current trends is also impossible.

Scientific explanations

At first glance it seems ridiculous that scientists are engaged in such pastime as a game. However, on closer examination, it turns out that science can give interesting results about games in general and slot games in particular, and can explain why the slots are so attractive.

First of all, science explains what exactly makes gambling in general attractive. Here works a whole complex of psychological and physiological factors. The hope of winning money, but at the same time the fear of losing everything, causes the players acute sensations, that is, internal tension. This feeling arises immediately after the bet is made and continues as long as there is a chance of winning. It arises regardless of whether the player wins or loses. However, the more is put on the stake and the more the potential win, the stronger these feelings. When playing at slot machines, this feeling is still the same as in many other types of gambling.

Increase self-esteem

 In the case of winning, the player is undoubtedly experiencing joy. And this feeling, which is surprising, arises regardless of how much you won. In slot machines it often happens that the win is less than the bet, but even then the players experience the joy of winning.

The victory confirms to the player that he was right. That he was not mistaken in his assumptions that he correctly “read” the slot that pressed the button at the “right time”, or even that he chose the “correct” slot machine. Yes, in our information age, almost everyone knows that slot machines operate in a random way, but players still feel their rightness at the time of winning, and their self-esteem rises. In gambling halls and casinos you can often see how the players at the time of winning appeal to their fellows and are waiting for recognition of their skills.

Slot machines online

 Physiological reactions during play

Studies have shown that during the game players experience not only psychological, but also physically measurable reactions of the body. They have a higher heart rate, higher skin conductivity, increased muscle activity. It is interesting to note that these signs of physical stress are closely related to the size of the bet, and it does not matter whether the game is for real money or game chips. Unusual and surprising is that these values are different for men and women. Thus, when tested in men, the heart rate increased significantly more than the female participants in the test.

 In addition to the visible reactions of the body during the game on slots, there is also an increase in hormonal secretion. The concentration of adrenaline rises in the blood and reaches its peak, as already mentioned above, in the first game after losing. Here, however, the difference between playing for real money and playing chips is clearly noticeable. But the difference between men and women is still preserved.

Why play slots?

In addition to these scientific results, there are also a number of studies that study why players play on slot machines. To do this, polls were conducted among players who were asked about their motivation to play slots. The list of answers to the question about motivation is led by relaxation. During the game, negative thoughts go away, and stress and stress decrease. Interestingly, this effect is delayed and is observed even after the end of the game. That is, relaxation is not limited to a real game situation.

Increasing self-esteem is also a frequent answer to the question of why a person is playing. The independent choice of the slot machine, the specific moment of launching and stopping the game – all these players perceive as their own achievement. They think that their win was not due to luck, but because of their own skill. And even if they understand that they are just lucky, they still put it to their credit – after all, luck is the strongest.

Also, one of the important reasons for playing slot machines is the hope of getting a big win or creating an exciting situation.


Tactics manufacturers

Of course, these results of research scientists carefully study, and then use the manufacturers of slot machines. So, in order to increase the duration of the player’s excitement, pauses between games in slots are very short. That is, every few seconds a new game begins. Losers are quickly forgotten, and the joy after a new win drives out discouragement. Compare, for example, to the lottery game, which takes place weekly. Here, the player shortly before the draw goes into a state of excitation, reaches a peak at the time of the rally, and then for a few hours this state disappears completely. In slot machines, the break between games is very short, so the excitement state persists even in breaks between games.

In addition, in slot machines there is practically no pause between winnings and winnings. The player wins and immediately coins are poured into the tray. Even when playing in an online casino, the player sees how his winnings are immediately credited to his account. It does not matter whether the winnings are real in a bank account or are just figures drawn on the screen, but instant winnings serve one purpose: to be a bet in subsequent games. Thus, manufacturers and operators of slot machines tend to encourage their customers with instant payments, so that players continue to play.

Probability of winning the jackpot

Another incentive for playing slot machines is the non-zero probability of winning the jackpot. Profit in general, as described above, is one of the main reasons why people play gambling. And the more possible win, the greater the desire to play. Such advertising of slots like “20 winning lines” awakens players’ hopes for bigger and more frequent winnings. If you promise only small winnings to players that will rarely happen, then no one will ever be able to play in such a slot machine. But if you promise to win the million jackpot – everything changes.

The magnitude of the maximum win plays an important role, in particular, in the choice of the game. Slot machines that have a jackpot function are more popular among players. Although they understand that it’s almost impossible to win this jackpot, but its very presence makes players continue the game. All games are built on luck, and in this case, players do not want to lose their chance to win the grand prize. After all, if you stop playing – then someone else can get this jackpot in five minutes. Here comes the competitive nature of the game. After all, in slot machines with jack-sweat players play not only against the machine, they at the same time compete with other players for the jackpot.

The dream of a great victory

In slot machines, the minimum bet is significantly lower than in other casino games, and the maximum bet can be relatively high. Such a low “entrance fee” allows you to play on machines to any player and creates the feeling that you can not lose a lot in one game. This factor creates a great appeal of slot machines, and this is recognized and taken into account by slot manufacturers. Another attractive factor is the advantageous ratio of rates and winnings. Even when playing with a bet, for example, 50 cents, there is an opportunity to break the jackpot into a thousand dollars or even more. It’s almost like a lottery, an instant lottery, and the dream of a big win attracts a lot of players.

Light and sound effects

Constantly flickering lights and sound effects make the game on slots even more exciting. And in especially stressful moments of the game, light and sound effects change, so that the player feels that he is close to winning. Well, if there was a big win, then the visual and acoustic background literally explode!

The scientists conducted a series of experiments in which players had to play on standard slots, as well as on modified slots with disconnected light and sound effects. It turned out that when playing on modified slots, players often stopped the game after a tangible win. In standard slot machines, in which the win is accompanied by effects, players almost always continued the game.

Illusion of choice

Another tactic of manufacturers of slot machines is the emphasis on the fact that a successful game is a player’s merit, and not blind luck. They specially create such illusion due to the active participation of players in the game – they must always press the “Start” button, or make a choice when doubling, or choose the number of lines, or choose the value of the bet. This causes the appearance of a false-choice effect when players blame the loss on themselves and their lack of skills. It also gives players the feeling that they are able to improve their chances of winning if they “learn” to play properly. However, this is not so, because any spin in any slot machine is random. Compare, for example, with sports betting, where you can see the difference in income between experienced, well-informed players and newcomers. Thus, there are many different reasons why people like to play slots: thrill, the prospect of making a profit, the escape from boring everyday life. All these factors are also known to manufacturers and developers of machines, and they use them. Is it bad?

On the one hand – yes, of course, it may look ugly, if you think only that you are simply luring out money. On the other hand, it’s a real joy when a slot machine keeps you in suspense, when you feel like you’re about to win, the winnings are close … and when the slot finally explodes with all its lights and sounds – yes! This is victory! In any case – the choice is yours, dear readers, we simply warn you about the pitfalls. The main thing – do not forget to keep your game under control.