How to calm a disgruntled casino client?

How to calm a disgruntled casino client?


The specifics of the work of any casino – real or online – is such that it will necessarily have dissatisfied customers. Even if you treat the visitor with an avalanche of bonuses, free feeding and watering him, handing him a bundle of tickets for drawing valuable prizes and placing him free in the hotel, his mood will depend on how successfully he plays.

You can argue as much as you want that the client should feel satisfied with any outcome of the game, but we know that not all people are able to restrain their negative emotions when they lose. Therefore, you need to be able to find an approach to such visitors, whenever possible to prevent possible conflicts or to extinguish them without letting the flames of anger flare up fiercely.

The author of these lines for years of work in the casino had to communicate a lot with people who, not being able to behave in the hands after losing, looked for any little things in the work of the institution, to which you can find fault and make a scandal. Of course, many of them had reason to resent, but the degree of discontent, as a rule, did not correspond to the situation. Most of them managed to calm down and if not to admit the baselessness of the charges, then at least come to a common opinion how to resolve the current situation.

In this article, we would like to give readers some practical advice on how to behave with dissatisfied customers, so that their visit to your casino is not the last. We will not touch on the situation when the player is indignant about the case, but we will only talk about cases when he swears without good reason.


Consider the problem

As a rule, it is always always worth giving a man a talk first. Let him release the steam and express, than he is unhappy. By the way, many already have enough of this, because not everyone starts to resent, intending to make a serious scandal. If a person simply swears and does not say anything in fact, ask him to tell what happened. Say that you want to hear exactly his version of what happened, making it clear that in this institution the player’s opinion is valued above all.

By this you not only allow him to give vent to anger, but also make you think, force you to reason logically, formulate thoughts. For your part, do not interrupt the client, listen carefully and with all your appearance show that you are carefully examining the problem. The longer he speaks, the more likely that you will find a common language. In addition, during this time you can think over what to say in response.

Discuss the problem

In rare cases, the client, having spoken out, will himself quit the conflict and go back on the spot, without even demanding any active action from you. But much more often you will have to somehow convince him that everything is completely different from what he imagined.

First of all, do not lose your self-control in any case. Do not descend to mutual insults and let know that the conversation will continue only in the framework of decency. If you communicate with a person on the phone and you understand that you can not calm down right now, make an appointment with him about a personal meeting. If this is not possible, say that you will study the problem and will call back soon.

During this time, the client will calm down somewhat, and you are better prepared for the conversation and will be able to back up your words with some documents or recording of video surveillance. By the time of the meeting or a new conversation on the phone you will learn all the facts and will be able to defend your point of view, relying on them. This will give your words persuasiveness.


Involve other people in the conversation

If you can not agree, try to engage other casino employees or even clients. But only if you are sure that they will be objective. It is possible that in the institution there will be employees whose words will be more authoritative for this client in general or in this particular situation. It can be a manager, a security guard, a pit boss and even a barman. Everything depends on the subject of the dispute.

Also in every casino there are respected by all players. If such people are present directly in the conflict and try to explain to the dissatisfied visitor that he is wrong, perhaps it is worth enlisting their support. While doing so, you must act very carefully to avoid undesirable consequences.

Involvement of other people to the conversation can be especially useful if you are the reason for the customer’s dissatisfaction. After all, from his point of view, all that you say is an attempt to justify yourself. And the point of view of a person who is not involved in the problem is for him an impartial opinion.

Together look for a way out of the situation

After you have carefully listened to the person and discussed the problem with him, you again must show a desire to find a solution that will satisfy both sides. This creates a feeling for the client to work together on the issue, allows him to feel himself involved in the elimination of deficiencies that other casino visitors may suffer. Consequently, he begins to feel his importance and importance.

Believe me, if you do everything right, at this stage, most customers will talk with you in a normal and even interested tone. They see that they do not want to be dismissed quickly, and this causes respect. In addition, the joint discussion of the problem is a kind of cooperation that strengthens the relationship.

The casino staff can confirm that after a heated discussion of some conflict situation and finding a way out of it many visitors became their best customers, who later never had problems.

Listen to the customer’s opinion

When suggesting to the client to express his own version of the resolution of the situation, be cautious. It’s no secret that people who lose money (even small amounts by the standards of the casino) often consider their most improbable wishes to be justified. If you have already understood what this visitor has to offer, and you know that this is unacceptable, give up this approach.

But if the client has already expressed his wishes, then try to explain to him that you can not fulfill his demands, since it is not in your power. Say, you are not the owner of a casino, but just an employee who must act according to the rules and regulations. This argument convinces almost all dissatisfied visitors.

Discuss how to avoid repeating this in the future

Continue cooperation with the client, discussing how to avoid the recurrence of such a situation in the future. This final touch will reinforce the feeling that you do not care about the problem, that you do not want to repeat it, that you value the visitors. In addition, among the clients of the casino there are often people with extensive experience in managing various kinds of institutions, so they can give you useful advice.

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In conclusion of this article, I repeat once again that it is necessary to turn a disgruntled client from an opponent into a supporter. Try to present the problem to your common enemy, whom you can conquer together. Indirectly invite a person to cooperate. Say “we”, “let’s”, so that he does not believe that you are on opposite sides of the barricade.

Remember, almost to any person you can find an approach that will make it possible to avoid conflict and save the client. But we must admit that not all of them can be saved. However, if a person reacts so sharply to losses, it is probably better for him not to visit the casino at all.